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Blog / The Nook Vs Kindle 2 Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition - And the

Saturday, 20 August 2011 at 08:18

Studying Display Display screen

Nook- 6" diagonal E-Ink display.

Kindle three- 6" diagonal E-Ink display.

Reader- 5" diagonal E-Ink display screen.

Clearly the smallest of these three gadgets is the Sony Reader, and it translates into a scaled-down reading through screen.

Navigation of Material

Nook- 1" shade navigation display. Push buttons for web page flip.

Kindle three- Push button technology- keyboard and web page flip buttons.

Sony Reader- Touch display navigation and web page flip. Residence, Web page Turn, Zoom, Alternatives push buttons.

Battery Existence

Nook- 10 days with wireless off

Kindle 3- thirty days with wireless off

Reader- 14 days

You can see that the Kindle 3 has fairly a good deal much more reading through time for 1 battery charge. This is partly because of to the truth that it does not use touch display screen engineering. It ought to also be famous that an AC adapter for the Sony Reader is considered an accessory and expenses extra.

Wireless Choices

Nook- WiFi only or WiFi +3G (no ideas essential)

Kindle 3- WiFi only or WiFi + 3G (no plans required)

Sony Reader- No Wireless

The huge elephant in the space here is, why does the Sony Reader PRS-350 not have wireless?


It boils down to what is crucial to you in an Ebook reader. If you want an very little device that is ultra-moveable, then probably the Sony Reader PRS-350 is for you. But you'd greater be fine with downloading your textbooks and material from the personal computer and transferring it, because wireless is not obtainable.

If you want a tiny coloration in your product, wireless downloading, and want a touch display screen selection, then the Nook is most likely a excellent option for you. Barnes and Noble has also just announced it makes it possible for a Nook operator up to 1 hour of looking at of any Book in the store for a perk.

The Kindle 3 is a tiny, compact, wireless option with robust characteristics. This will be a great idea for the reader who desires a easy product and would like to help save as significantly funds as possible.

If you are contemplating of acquiring an book reader, then it makes sense to examine the 3 large boys on the marketplace, the Barnes and Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle 2 and the new Sony Reader Touch Edition. Here's a thorough comparison of all three to assist you select.

First of all, let us take a look at the similarities in all 3 e-book readers.

Show Display- The Nook, Kindle two, and Reader all consider advantage of the cutting edge display technology known as "E-Ink". This is not your operate-of-the-mill computer display with pixels. This display screen shows the text and pictures (gray-scale) correct up against the bottom of the show glass. This makes it possible for you to see the crystal apparent text even at intense angles and lighting situations.

Text can be transformed to different sizes for all 3 designs as well.

Audio Assistance- All three units permit you to obtain and hear to mp3 songs whilst reading through.

Pricing- Pricing is comparable in between the 3 products.

Differences among the 3 products.

Wireless and 3G- The Nook and Kindle 2 enables you to entry the net to obtain new titles and publications. Whatever brand you pick to obtain know that they will constantly try to greater their items and generate your company.,



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