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  • How to Get Freelance Technical writing jobs

    Freelance technical writing jobs are one of the easiest ways for an experienced and knowledgeable writer to make money. In order to successfully gain freelance technical writing jobs, you should have a scientific mind and be willing to conform to the standards of your client. If you're more of a creative type, you will probably not be satisfied as a technical writer.

    One of the best ways to find freelance technical writing jobs is to attend live networking events in your community. You should go where your potential clients are. Some of my coaching clients have found that joining a group such as Business Networking International (BNI) is a great way to get referrals quickly and secure writing jobs.

    When you speak to people at live networking events, focus on what you can do for them and don't just talk about yourself. If your prospect is a software company manager, discuss user manuals with him rather than your expansive article portfolio.

    You can also find freelance technical writing jobs by going to conferences in journalism, writing and your scientific field of interest. If you have a knack for biology, attend those conventions. Make yourself a part of the community, focus on what you can provide for people and the jobs should start coming in. Patience is a virtue though; do not expect to get a job the first time you meet someone.

    Trade magazines, content mills such as Demand Media Studios, Craiglist and job bidding sites such as Guru may also provide you opportunities to make money writing about technical topics. Most of these jobs will not offer the lucrative pay that you would get writing a software manual, but they will pay your bills and help you keep your technical writing and research skills fresh.

    If you have an opportunity to speak in front of any group that includes your prospective clients, you should take it. At the end of your talk, invite your audience to book a 15-minute telephone session with you where you can strategize ways to help them improve the technical documentation for their businesses.

    Whenever you successfully complete one of your new freelance technical writing jobs, ask your client for a letter of reference or testimonial. This will help you gain more clients. Also, do not be afraid to asked pleased clients for referrals to their colleagues. If you did a great job, your client will be more than happy to help out.

    Above all, do not give up on finding freelance technical writing jobs even if it takes a while. Skilled and determined writers can find work in any economic climate.

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