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hi im sally, first and foremost I DONT GIVE OUT MY MSN OR PHONE NUMBER.i also do not accept any friends on a wim i have to get to know them for a long time before i add anyone. the friends which i have on my list i have known them for at least 3 years.. im straight, so girls dont even go there!!!!!!!!!
im 46 and i live in corringham, essex . if ya wanna know more then chat to me, feel free to leave comments and messages and please please sign my guestbook if you are reading this tyxxx :). todays a day you can't live again, so be happy, be yourself, and what will be will be :)
words cannot describe who i am, sometimes im this and sometimes im that, sometimes im nothing and sometimes im everything, my friends know me as me, looks can be decieving, i may not be who i appear to be atall.
you and only you can decide who i really am. i laugh, i love, i try, i hurt, i need, i fear, i cry, and i know you do the same things too, so we're really not that different me and you. :)
love can be …

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A guy goes to his doctor and says,
"Doc, I have a problem."

"My girlfriend is sleeping over this Friday, my ex-wife is sleeping over this Saturday and my wife is coming home Sunday."

"I need 3 Viagra pills to …

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