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Tuesday, 3 April 2012 at 19:47

Is your eye-sight ruining your life? Are you having trouble getting by without your glasses? Are you thinking about undergoing expensive eye surgery just to have perfect 20/20 vision?

If any of the above is true for you, then there is something you really must know: There are ways to better your vision WITHOUT surgery and without corrective lenses. These methods involve using eye exercises to improve eyesight that relax and strengthen your eye muscles. You're forgiven for being a little skeptical, but as soon as you start on a program of natural visual enhancement, you'll soon realize the benefits.

Did you know that eyeglasses contribute to the problem of poor vision?. It is general knowledge that glasses or contacts do not help to make your eyesight better. With most people, their eyesight continues to get worse as they wear glasses/contacts.

The real truth is that over time, your glasses will make your vision WORSE than if you were not wearing glasses at all. It was never nature's intention for your eyes to perceive the world through a set of corrective lenses. When you are first given a set of glasses, you may think it's a godsend - finally you can see clearly again, however over time you realize how you just can't do without them. Where before you could get by without glasses, having work them for a few months, you now are practically blind without them. The least that your optometrist could do is to recommend you wear your eyeglasses sparingly - ony when you really need. Instead, they tend to suggest you wear them at all times, perhaps in the hope that you'll come back for a stronger prescription much sooner and line their pockets that much more of your hard-earned money.

The vast majority of visual problems, including myopia, result from tension in the visual system and in the eye muscles. It is perfectly feesable for you to use particular visual enhancement exercises to train your eyes to see without your glasses once again.

One Powerful Eye Exercise You Can Start Using Today - Palming

Your vision will benefit widely from the use of this exercise, referred to as 'palming'. In this exercise, you would not need any materials other than your palms, which will help your eyes to relax and also help decrease the movement of your eyes.

Your eyes are a very mobile organ. They move all the time, even when you are not awake. Now you won't stop eye movements completely, but you can at least seek to make them move as slowly as possible by applying the technique of palming. This can take anywere from 1-30 minutes.

The first thing that you need to do is to free your mind of unnecessary thoughts. More thoughts mean more eye movements, so get rid of those thoughts for the moment. To aid you with this, you may consider playing some soothing music.

Use your hands to cover and block off the light to your eyes. You simply want to block off the light, not to massage or press on your eyes. Hold this pose and bring the feeling of relaxation into conscious focus. At the same time, notice this relaxation spreading through the rest of your body also. You will notice that the more relaxed you become, the darker the blackness that you see. There is in fact, a direct correllation with how dark the shade of black is and how relaxed you are.

Initially it will take you some time - up to 20 minutes to achieve a deep sense of relaxation. Over time you will be able to achieve this MUCH quicker, until your eyes are always in a state of relaxation, and your vision will thereby improve. I highly suggest you read the following article to learn more about natural visual enhancement: Bates Method eye exercises.



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