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Friday, 16 March 2012 at 12:44

Entering the room, I noted that there are a few visitors, but the acrid cigarette smoke is still crammed the already heavy air pivnuhi. After ordering a glass of light beer, I decided to sit on the floor under a canopy of summer and enjoy the solitude and cold drink. Middle-aged waitress brought my order, and hastily retreated into the room. In one breath, I just drank polbokala golden beverage. But I had nowhere to take the time and I surely decided for myself that is not get drunk in the trash, it does not go anywhere, especially the facility to work in the morning. Of course, it would be easier just to take a bottle of vodka and quickly put himself in that coveted status, which is so demanding my mind. But drinking vodka alone - it was too much for me cute gay boy kiss hot
Finishing his second glass, I ordered the chips and nuts and, once again immersed in his thoughts, did not notice that in front of me at the next table umostilsya middle-aged man in his forties, with short hair, denim jacket in under which obviously could guess, though not sports but rather a strong figure. He was talking to the waitress, in answer to that one broke into a smile, coyly averted their eyes from him. It can be seen, the man enjoyed success with women. Probably, it is very hot and experienced, with a decent instrument. Catching yourself in these thoughts, which somehow began to fill my head, I again reached for his glass.
The man, sipping his beer, strangely studied me with his piercing gaze, from which I have already passed on the back crawl right up to the coccyx. I do not know that so attracted him to me, because I am an ordinary-looking guy, albeit with a rather cute, cute face ...



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