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Blog / Password Recovery on the Cisco ASA Safety Appliance

Friday, 16 March 2012 at 18:22

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In this report, I'll explain how to perform a password "reset" on your Cisco ASA security appliance. The additional normally applied expression for this procedure is "password recovery" which is left about from the days when you could actually view passwords in configuration files in basic text. Today, these kinds of passwords are encrypted and not really recoverable. Rather, you will gain entry to the appliance via the console port and reset the password(s) to recognized values.

This method demands physical accessibility to the unit. You will energy-cycle your equipment by unplugging it at the strength strip and plugging it back in. You will then interrupt the boot course of action and change the configuration sign-up price to avoid the appliance from reading its stored configuration at boot. Given that the gadget ignores its saved configuration on boot, you are equipped to access its configuration modes with no passwords. The moment you are in configuration mode, you will load the saved configuration from flash memory, transform the passwords to a known value, modify the configuration sign-up price to tell the device to load its saved configuration on boot, and reload the system.

Caution: As with all configuration techniques, these methods must be tested in a laboratory natural environment prior to utilization in a production setting to make certain suitability for your circumstance.

The subsequent actions were created working with a Cisco ASA 5505 Security Appliance. They are not proper for a Cisco PIX Firewall appliance.

one. Energy-cycle your protection appliance by eradicating and re-inserting the electricity plug at the energy strip.

2. When prompted, press Esc to interrupt the boot approach and enter ROM Keep track of mode. Crawley

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