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male - 47 years, sittard-geleen, Nederland
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4 April 2009

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    marilenedee 10 October 2014

    Leuke foto van zo mooie vrouw

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    hannahkones17 26 April 2013

    Hallo Beste vriend.
    Vergeet dan niet om direct contact op te nemen met dit mijn email (
    Mijn naam is Hannah, was ik onder de indruk toen ik zag je profiel vandaag op ( Ik wil echt een goede vriendschap met u heb ik zal heel blij zijn, als je terug kunt krijgen om me met mijn e-mail adres ( En ik heb dus wat belangrijk ik wil me vertellen ok.please vergeet dan niet om direct contact op te nemen met dit mijn e-m
    (Hannahkones12@h/o/t/m/a/i/l.c/o/m) En ik zal u mijn foto ok naar u.
    hannahkones12 @

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    Ndjoe 18 March 2013

    Beautiful how are you doing today, hope all is going welll with you?
    my name is Abubacar Tejan i saw your profile while i was searching for
    an honest friend, and i decided to write to you, please i will Appreciate
    it if you can contact me with this email adress (
    i will like to have an important discaussion with you about something very
    dear to me, i know this may sound strange to you since we don't know each
    other before now, but do not feel otherwise as it has nothing do do with
    relationship rather it is something that has to do with my entire life
    please i will be waiting for you mail soon, thanks

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    gultekinuglu 13 March 2013


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    colehoward821 28 January 2013

    hello dear. how are you doing am Cole Howard. i do love to know you better. don,t know if i will be welcome to be a friend to you. hope to hear from you soon. thanks dear

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    desmondtutu320 23 January 2013

    Greeting with a huge love on my heart,my name is desmond tutu,when i went throught your profile ,i left in me that you my QUEEN of my life .please you can email or add me at yahoo messenger as my QUEEN as soon as you read this message please contact .thank you very much

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    austinammed 25 December 2012

    Hello dear,
    Your Age, race and marital status are not factors in who I write to you. i am 46 years old young man. In your profile you sound as a woman of my dream today on and it sounds good about you that's why I contacted you for relationships. I have my preferences, and I do not think it is necessary for love to be segregated by Age. Every man all have a woman of his dream. Sorry my profile is not enough here but will tell you more details about me and my photos if you find time to write me via email Cares to know you.
    Yours sweet heart
    Mr : Austin

    please make sure you write direct to my mail box ok.

    :)$$$§__مــنــصـــور الـشــامـــ

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