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so, my names ashley, and i'm a third year university student at the one and only TRU. It's a pretty good university, all in all, no matter how much all of the students complain about it all the time. I've lived in kamloops since i was in grade two, and I can't wait to move out of here, and hit up some place way more intersting! It actually is ok, i don't mind it to much. I love to hangout with all my awesome friends, even tho i've been really busy lately with school work and haven't seen them very often. I love theatre and politics, an odd combination, but meh, whatever. um, that's all i can think about right now. I'm 5'10/5'11 ish, have dark brown hair with lots of blonde streaks in it, and green eyes, and a dimple in my chin, and in my cheeks when i smile. I think that about covers it.

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ashley diehl
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Kamloops (British Columbia)
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Theatre, drawing, listening to music, reading, going to the mall, hanging out with friends, dancing, drinking
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I fancy

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