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Saturday, 26 May 2012 at 15:35

How do you want to possess a career playing one of many characters in the Walking Dead series? Did you ever think about how cool it would be to tell anyone that you are on the group of one of the very most viewed television series of the moment? If you ever said to your self "I had love an acting job", then this might truly be the display for you! A number of my friends said that they would prefer to be on the show if only to play the role of a zombie and be consumed for a few seconds! I laughed out loud to that particular, but shortly after I realized that I might also take to become a zombie extra!

Andrew Lincoln who is the Walking Dead star was interviewed about the role he plays in the series and he mentioned it is really the most effective role he has received in his whole career. And why might not that be true? After all, when he goes to work they simply give him a gun, a cowboy hat and off he goes killing zombies. Many of us just get to do that in video games but this guy gets paid to accomplish it! The favorite series in line with the Walking Dead Comic Book is not only about mindless killing zombies. It has elaborate plot twists with great character development and an involved storyline. Actually here is the chief reasons why the Walking Dead is this kind of successful show. Another reason may be the fact that it will not use computer generated images. Yep, that is right. If you believed those zombies are computer generated you then were wrong as none of this does work.

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I have no idea about some individuals, but when I am killing zombies I prefer to note that blood splattering everywhere: "Oh yeah" as the Kool-Aid guy would say. What I love concerning this present and why I might prefer to acquire a role in it is really because at one minute you are carrying out a romantic scene with great psychological suspense and in the next minute you are driving a horse with 2 hundred zombies behind you climbing over one another to get a bite, lol. It is really cool that display has an awesome balance of action and play. The scenes only flow and contribute to a highly viewable and entertaining show that millions worldwide enjoy seeing.

Among the last reasons I think I had be content to land a role on this show is really since it really is not a supernatural show, even though there are zombies involved. It is more about regular individuals who need to proceed through incredible situations. In addition to that, I believe it is amazing that this show gives you a glimpse of how humankind may handle this kind of catastrophic event.

With that being said, getting eaten in only a few seconds or being given the chance for an even more meaningful job, I imagine that taking care of the Walking Dead series is will be a when in a life time life experience. In the end I need a job.

Oh and do not get little and shoot for the head.

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