Dumtochi Onyendi's interview

About me

well, am crazy not insane, fun to be with, c&f .
BTW am a G.O.A.T

I live
  • in a house
I live
With some friends
Colour of your hair
Do you dye your hair?
Do you use skin care products?
several times a week
Do you use gel or hair spray?
Colour of your eyes
Do you have children?
I'm looking for
  • Friendship
  • Sports friends
  • Friends to go out with
How often do you go on a holiday?
twice a year
When I go on a holiday, I go
  • by car
  • by plane
  • by boat
On vacation, I'm looking for
  • adventure
  • relaxation
My favourite holidays are
nearby weekend getaways
Favourite cities abroad
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • London
  • Istanbul
  • Dublin
My favourite holiday sports are
  • diving
  • surfing
I sometimes have to travel abroad for my job
How often do you play video games?
Favourite gaming type
  • Arcade
  • Role play
  • Simulation
  • Racing
  • Party Games
  • Trading card Games
Gaming Console
  • PC
  • Playstation 2
  • Gameboy
  • PSP
Favourite games
need for speed, assasins creed,
How many hours do you sleep on average each night?
I don't smoke!
How often do you eat fastfood?
less than once a month
How often do you practise sports?
less than once a month
What do you usually drink when you go out?
Do you drink a lot of alcohol?
Favourite alcoholic drink
Vodka Red Bull
Favourite non alcoholic drink
Clothing style
  • Casual
  • Classy
  • Sexy
  • Jeans
  • Denim
  • Designer Labels
Favourite clothing brand
louis Vuitton
What are you wearing now?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
5-10 pairs of shoes
How do you go to school/to work?
  • by car
  • by public transport
Do you already have your driving licence?
I'm working on it
Car interests
  • CoupĂ©
  • Cabriolet
  • Fast cars
  • Tuning
  • Trucks
Favourite car brand
Own car type
toyota camry
My motorcycle
I don't have one
Favourite motorcyle brand
With my mobile phone, I can
  • call
  • text
  • e-mail
  • go online
  • take pictures
  • play music
  • install apps
  • process text
  • keep a calendar
  • record videos
Mobile brand
Favourite magazine
I read the newspaper
only if I get it for free
Favourite newspaper
The Guardian
How many pets do you have?
2 pets
What kind of pets do you have?
  • dog
  • cat
Favourite pet(s)
Favourite event or party
get togethers
An event I wouldn't want to miss
get togethers
Music style
  • Rap
  • HipHop
  • Happy Hardcore
  • Country & Western
  • Gospel
Favourite radio station
beat 99.9 mhz
Best dj, singer(s) or band(s)
Dj khaled, Rick ross, lil wayne, m.i
What kind of movies do you like?
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Romantic movies
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller
Favourite movies
fast and furious, transformers4
Favourite actor/actress
ryan reynolds, cameron diaz
Favourite TV channel
  • Cartoon Network
  • MTV
  • Nat. Geographic Ch.
  • CBS
  • The SciFi Channel
  • BET
  • Discovery
  • E! - Entertainment Television
  • Fox
  • Travel Channel
At what time do you go to bed?
11:50 pm
What do you hate?
fools, bitch niggaz, ignorant people
The most irritating question
are u watching tv?, while am watching tv
What was your most unpleasant experience until now?
The coolest person you've met this year?
Do you have friends that are living abroad?
What do you do when you are bored?
think, read, anything that comes to my mind, game, chill
What's your highest degree?
Do you support any good causes?
I play the lottery and hope to get rich someday
Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast?
Not really, but I do help out when necessary
My plans for this year are
  • move
  • go and live by myself
I love gadgets, so I have a(n):
  • laptop
  • LCD/Plasma TV
  • computer
  • digital video camera
  • iPod
  • PSP
How often do you go to the cinema?
Do you go to night clubs?
Favourite night clubs
Ree daniels, REHAB
Do you buy online?
My favourite books are
  • novels
Favourite writer(s)
james hardly chase, karen kingsbury, frank peretti, ted dekker
Do you sort your garbage?
My favourite perfume brand is