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Just a place for me to write any thoughts or poems.

  • Friends List

    I just cleaned out my friends list. Anyone I haven't chatted with recently or at all even has been removed. I apologise if this hurts anyones feelings but sometimes the list gets too long and the way i figure it..friends do chat lol..or email whatever. Take care everyone..have a great day :)

  • The Journey

    The Journey
    The journey of dealing
    with life and healing
    sometimes painful
    others joyful
    sometimes endless tears
    wishing to end all fears
    angry and confused
    sometimes amused
    day by day step by step
    hand in hand going thru the
    journey of recovery
    the journey of healing
    into a magical land
    where inside you know
    all is ok all is right
    and begin to like yourself
    once again
    on this magical journey of healing.

    Janet Marie O
    Copyright ©2007 Janet Marie O

  • another poem

    As I sit watching
    seagulls go by, I
    wonder why I can't
    fly with them to
    a wonderful world of
    peace way up in the sky.
    It would be quiet and
    friendly with not a frown.
    Everyone smiles there
    because there are no worries
    Everything's taken care of
    up there because it's heaven
    a world of perfection.

    Janet O
    Copyright ©2007 Janet O

  • Poem

    I wrote this poem a few years back.

    Child Crying In The Dark

    The child crying in the dark
    was afraid when she heard the dogs bark
    She'd been left all alone
    while her mother took her lover home
    Too scared to move she stared at the wall
    the only comfort was a doll
    that sat at the end of the crib
    and seemed to laugh at her instead
    The dogs kept barking for the fear
    of what may happen if a burglar were near
    The mother finally came home
    but the child knew she was still alone.

    Janet M O
    Copyright ©2007 Janet M O