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Blog / What Are the Best Products to Dropship

Thursday, 15 October 2009 at 08:13

During such a depressed economic times, e-commerce, especially drop shipping, business has become the first option for those who intend to do their own home-based business. Although this kind of business method is claimed to have zero danger and generates big profit, there is still failure exists.

Besides finding reliable suppliers, designing a user-friendly website, effective promoting/maintaining the site & products, doing necessary SEO work, what else should we do in order to reduce the risk of failure to the least degree? The key is to select the products which are welcomed by most people all around the world.

Products like food, plants, cards, cars, etc. are very popular, but they either have limited valid period or feature bulky bodies - not very suitable for home business, which scale ranges from small to medium. What kinds of products meet the special demand of home business? According to the investigation over the internet, items with light weight, small volume, high tech, or attractive appearance are more likely to generate big profit. Among them, the representative product categories are:

1. Small electronics gadgets
Electronics gadgets like cell phones, MP3/MP4/MP5, laptops, security & surveillance, video games, etc. are very hot no matter online or offline. Although their updating speed is also a little fast, comparing to food, that speed is much slower.
Wholesale electronics dropshipper providers, like wholesale cell phones or media players, are easily located, especially on line. If you are interested in dropship suppliers from China, please read article Top 20 Wholesale Electronics & Apparels Sites for Home Business.
2. Apparels & accessories
Apparels & accessories, especially female products like lingerie, handbags, shoes, and necklaces are very popular in most countries all over the world. Different aged women feature different, diversified requirements about how they look and what they wear. And females are never mean to spend on their apparels & accessories. You could imagine how big your potential market is.
Note: the mentioned article link also gives top 20 apparel wholesale dropshipper websites for your reference.
3. Furniture
Generally, there are two kinds of furniture, that is, indoor furniture and patio furniture. Almost everyone needs to buy furniture in certain period of time if he/she has a place to live.
4. Sports products
Outdoor activities boost in popularity these years. As the level of people’s normal lives rises, more and more people pursue healthy lives. At this moment, sports become their first option. So the boom of sports products comes. ---- No.1 Discount Cell Phones Shopping Mall from china!


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