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Blog 21

  • Bottom Ten

    We all cannot hold position number one in class. There are them that fall in the top ten, in the middles and in the top last. I have always wondered what happens to those students who really study hard and are always in the last ten or never improve at all. Let’s talk about these students .With all the due respect; I can’t help to wonder what happens. You could be one of them, but I am just expressing my thoughts and I stand to be corrected. What is it that really happens, are your studying habits poor, do you just wear a face like you are studying but your mind is far away and at the end of it all you waste time? Do you really understand what you read? Do you seek help in times of difficulties in understanding be it in assignments or even in thesis writing? Or you just don’t know what happens?
    It really is such devastating thing for sure and it can really kill your morale as well as self esteem but then again you have to acknowledge the fact that we are different and we can’t always be like Jane or John. Once a student accepts that, they can move on and work on it with a positive mind. Try and change your studying habit to the better, you don’t have to read twenty nooks in a day and you can barely answer a question out of it. Read the relevant material, use past exam papers to gauge yourself, seek help from the professors in your assignments, dissertations, and any academic work. Talk to academic advisors, get motivated by reading and attending motivational talks, and keep an open mind as well. Always give it your best trial and for sure you will be contended with what you get having it n mind that you did our best.

  • Fire Scare

    The day had been tiring like no other; I had to do more hours in the thesis writing firm I worked for as a part-time thesis editor. I arrived in my room in campus at about one in the morning feeling as jaded as one could ever get to. I hadn’t eaten my dinner but there was virtually no strength to do that. I slid into bed immediately I got into my room and was soon fast asleep. At first it seemed like a dream but when the fire cries intensified I realized that it wasn’t a dream at all.
    I jerked myself awake and rushed to my window. The adjacent female student hall of residence was on fire and the ladies in that hall were crying like no man’s business. A quick glance at my phone screen indicated that it was three in the morning. Tired as I was I formulated a plan and endeavored to execute it. I slipped into my pair of jeans, picked up-the correct expression should be broke loose-the fire extinguisher that was caged in glass outside my room and dashed to the burning hall of residence. It was while there that I saw the most surprising in the world.
    Almost ninety percent of the students already gathered there were staring into the burning hall and doing completely nothing at all to help the escaping ladies or anything to do with putting out the fire. Suddenly realizing the gravity of what awaited me, I rushed back to my room, dampened my towel and tied it around my head after which I literally ran to the floor where the fire was emanating from with the extinguisher. When I got to the floor I moved expertly to the room where the fire was the most intense and put it off at once using the extinguisher. It seems hard to believe but the truth of the matter is that I put off the fire single-handedly. I was the hero of the accident.

  • Team Work

    I don’t know how many times this speech about team work has been given to you! I have been over it since I was in preschool; it just like the national anthem, a pledge of allegiance, you are taught about it even before they know the meaning of it. Whoever said too much of anything is poison must have been a god or else they were in big trouble that squeezed the words out of their mouths. When our mum bought us dolls, we made small ‘families’, took care of the figurines as if they were our kids and together we would execute duties as our parents did to us, wasn’t that cute? I really miss those days.
    It’s a virtue, I would say, to work as a team. The results, you can agree with me, are satisfying and gratification in one’s own leaves a smile in every face of the team player. All the games, or rather most of them are played by teams. College is where ‘real’ life team playing exists. You can smell the positivity of the same from a far if I tell you that there is thesis writing groups, article writers, researchers, business clubs, you name it. These are the kind of students of students who will collectively work on every member’s dissertation in turns and believe me you will feel that fragrance of brilliance.
    I need to be told though; does team work mean that you also work on the examinations together? You know that very time the test is in progress is when every student tasks their brains to dispose the invigorators so that an opportunity is created to exchange answers. What is the essence of the evaluations then, it would as well have been an interactive session where you, as a ‘team’, show your professors that you know stuff. You will be surprised to hear or even watch the tactics applied.

  • Story of My Life

    Life to me all along was a walkover, nothing too complicated to challenge me. ‘This is a kid with a really bright a future.’ That is what you would say and that is what people said when they heard about my ‘legacy’ in the places I have been; just school basically. My junior school I skipped a class, senior school two. But don’t thank me, all credit is to my father who tutored me day and night and his dream of producing a doctor in the family was coming true. There is one thing you should have realized by now, that I have never been on my own in anything. That kind of nails it down.
    My father, as always helped me through college work and believe me he was good at it. A name, my name, still was building strong. I can only say that this doctor obsession thing only wrecked things but unfortunately nobody, not even my father noticed it. And here came the final year, having all along looked down upon my classmates who consistently troubled themselves learning thesis writing. I thought to myself, ‘this is a complete waste of time, after all my dad lives’. It is now the time for our final year project and leaves that task to my father. I had not heard from him for weeks and I thought he was only too busy working on my project thesis which I was to present in the next three weeks. Mum thought it was better for me so every time I called home she always told me that he is okay but out in the fields. One day I decided to visit them as I inform him about the dates of submission. Couldn’t believe my eyes, I found my dad on a sick bed. Never went back to college but rather spend the next one year trying to be independent specifically learning to write a thesis.

  • Is it Freedom After All?

    The one thing that makes college life different from high school life is the freedom. There no longer is someone watching your back and trying to find out what you are up to. You have the freedom to attend classes or not, write dissertations or pay someone to do so. You may choose the type of friends you would want to have or choose what to engage in and what not to. It proves to be a bit hard to deal with this freedom, part time jobs and the academic work. The first years have a great problem in juggling the freedom and the other relevant aspects of college life. They have no structures in their lives and they are now independent and have to make things work. They get stressed up. Some are homesick some skip meals others are totally broke from misuse of money and so forth.
    College life seems like eternity, and with loads of freedom it rarely occurs to a student that time is moving pretty fast. Sooner than expected the exam bells ringing loud and clear. It is at this point that students get really stressed from the workload awaiting them, volumes of hard outs and the unfinished thesis writing. They spend sleepless nights trying to catch up, they have no time to feed properly because they have to account for every minute wasted and therefore end up snaking and the body definitely reacts and gets s very weak. Some are totally stressed and panic and get into a depression. With this kind of a scenario, the students get fatigued; others catch flu and colds from the long cold nights and a series of other ailments and therefore end up wasting more time by queuing at the college dispensary. There is nothing much to be done at this point, unless a student defers the semester. At it the end of it all one realizes it was not freedom at all.

  • Internet Addiction

    The internet has brought a lot of development in all sectors of life. Technology has taken the world to a whole new level. Just like everything has its pros and cons, the internet has got its cons too. Just like an individual suffers addiction to alcohol, drug and sex, research has shown that is on internet addiction is on the rise. Students across the world are victims of internet addiction whereby they don’t function when the schools block the social links. Their cell phones are attached to their hands every now and then. When the internet goes down in the college, it is reason enough for everything to go chaotic and concentration in the classes to go down to zero. It this same addiction was to be diverted to thesis writing and books the world could change in a few months and there could be records of the most stunning grades since the introduction of exams and the best dissertation would be written
    Texting, instant messaging and face book, video gaming, and computer games have become a major distraction of students in class. The urge to view the new message from a friend is very overwhelming and cannot be compared to listening to the lecturer after all they can always get it from the internet. This attitude has slowly become the best recipe for failure. Students no longer read newspapers for they are believe that they are meant for the old generation. All the students care about is what is going on with their friend and family and in the world.
    Self control is a very admirable virtue in every human being. It is by so doing that an individual has control in all they do. It is he high time this addiction problem gets handled before it gets out of hand.

  • Life is Unjust

    For sure life is unfair. With the current economy, it has proved a bit hard to secure a job as fast as it was in the olden days. We all know that college life requires a lot of hard work and dedication. After all the early mornings, long boring lectures, several thesis papers to be written, the many exams to be sat for and the a lot more. There are retakes to be undertaken or even the supplementary papers. After all the efforts, graduation day comes and we embrace it head high and walk out of college with all the hopes of a bright future.
    With courage we face it and do all is required to, apply for several jobs and wait patiently. Sometimes it’s tough and even a regret email is not received. Again we go back and do the same process, fingers crossed for a reply this time. A reply might come and by luck you are invited for an interview. It is here you that you prove to the employer that you deserve the job. With your resume papers, certificates, thesis papers and transcripts presented and taking time to convince the employer that you are fit for the job you wait for fate to dictate its way. You could wait for weeks, months or forever for a response. Sometimes you could be lucky to get the job or not.
    However, God has good plans for us all and what is destined to be your will always be yours. Trying again and again is the way to go. Fools give up in life after all the efforts they put in their works but the wise ones hold on to the bitter end until they achieve their dreams. Life could be unfair but a time comes it favors you.

  • How to Choose Your Roommate

    The people who we live with every day are a great deal in lives. They influence us in one way or another. When choosing a roommate it is advisable to get some who is compatible to you and who will add value in life. The first thing to look for in a roommate is their characters and you will know whether you can put up with them or not ,how disciplined is an individual or you will wake one morning and find the room all empty, with your stuff, clothes ,books, shoes and all is left of you is all you are dressed in.
    It is also good to look at the focus of an individual, are they focused in their academics or it’s all about social life and crimes. Can you help each other academically in case of challenging class work or help in thesis writing. It is also augers well if your roommate is your classmate because you add value to each other especially to the main reason of being in college. There is a lot to look at when searching for a good roommate however it’s not all about them because at it is someone you will live with for the next four years and after that have your own life.
    Therefore an individual’s hard work and focus is what really matter although it is good to choose a good roommate than have one who will make life a living hell. A successful life is a personal decision that an individual make’s, and despite it all they go for it. Hard work in class and good dissertation writing will add up a good grade for every student despite the external forces such as a having a bad roommate if an individual works towards it. It will surely be rewarding.

  • Death in College

    There are three rites of passage for every human being. That is birth, marriage and death. As much as we would hate the mention of the name death, it happens to us, our relatives ,our friends, parents ,class mates ,loved ones and any human being. It is very saddening to lose a life but let’s face it, people die every day, we mourn all day and night, days of sorrow and finally life continues as normal. For sure we feel the gap but there is not much to be done about for once gone for sure they are gone.
    So once it happens we have to accept it. It is especially hard for students to lose a fellow classmate .In college we live like one big family and when one desk is empty and the occupier is nowhere to be seen and all is left are memories is really saddening. But life must continue for they have lived their life and we have to make our lives better every day as long as we live. Thesis papers must be written properly and with a lot of accuracy, lessons must go on and the reality has to dawn to us because we never know things can happen until they happen to others.
    A wake up call for many regarding their actions and believes as taught by their religions .Therefore let’s make the best out of life for we never know the day nor the hour. If its study tome lets study like the world is ending tomorrow and we have to be successful in the later days. Love your friend and help where possible, whether financially or in dissertation writing, helping the less fortunate, doing charitable work or a lot more. We would all want to live to 200 and more year but we must give way to the next generations.

  • Motivating Students

    In life every human being needs some motivation in life either personal motivational or from external sources. Self-believe is vital to every student. We are motivated by many things in life and therefore if your grandmother motivates you, then pay several visits to them until you get the motivation, if an individual’s motivation comes from fellow students then take time to get some motivation. If motivation comes for inspirational books or motivational talks, them go ahead and get what it takes to be motivated. A motivated individual has the power and strength to achieve their ambitions if the determination and dedication is kept on to the final end. Some students are motivated by other students for example a student who makes a living in college by doing thesis writing for other students can motivate a fellow student who could be straining financially.
    Students go through quite a lot in life and sometimes we have low and high moments in life and we feel like giving up at this point all as student needs is motivation. For instance a student who gets disappointed by their exam marks and they feel like it’s not worth the hustle can get motivation from their loved ones or seek professional help. Whereby they have to realize that is not the end of life and they have to work harder to get the best.
    Every student should work hard and smart so that they become motivators too in the future. I always looked up to my father as my motivator in life and in the future I would want to motivate other children and for that to happen my hard work today and success will be admired tomorrow and motivate an individual. Passing exams and active participation in other activities like the co-curricular activities and in class too as well as good grades in my thesis papers all collectively count in my success as a student.

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