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  • It's partytime!

    We have the pleasure to invite you to our fundraising party in Tenerife (Canary Islands,
    Spain) this Thursday August 20th from 10 PM.

    The event will take place at Liquid Club (Arona Beach) and will include a fashion show,
    featuring, for the first time in the Canary Islands, DAA's celebrity-driven collection at
    H&M 'Fashion Against AIDS', followed by live shows, a photo call on the red carpet and
    special projections of DAA's latest videos in a night full of surprises.

    We hope to see you there!

  • We're curious to see YOU wearing our gear!

    Hi guys,

    We're so glad to welcome you on our brand new Netlog page!

    Let's make this page alive and kicking!

    We're curious to see how you look in one of our Designers Against Aids or Fashion Against Aids T-shirts!

    Send your picture to and we'll make sure you'll be featured in our picture section on this Netlog page in the "It's YOU wearing our gear!" set.

    Thanks for your immense support and remember to keep it safe.

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