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  • And the winner of 'Start Your Own Label' is....

    On October 1st street fashion online store FreshCotton released a competition for young designers to show off their skills by creating a collection around AIDS awareness. The winner gets a bunch of cool prizes like a professional photo shoot, a gift certificate of 500 € from Freshcotton, a photo blog on and many more! This week they announced the winner at a special Start Your Own Label party. All the finalists gathered around and partied till dawn!

    But off course you want to know which designer won so here she is...

    The winning set will soon be produced by Freshcotton and will be sold online. A part of the profit goes to DAA so let's start shopping online guys :)

  • Tokio Hotel Fundraising

    DAA and Tokio Hotel team up again!

    From Dec. 1st 2009 until Dec. 31st 2009 all you Tokio Hotel fans can buy a new set of cool TH buttons. All profits generated through this very special button set will be donated to Designers Against AIDS! Go to to buy the set or to donate.

    You can also submit your donation directly and support building the new DAA Education Center in Belgium. Donate 2€ or more for a chance to win one out of 10 signed Tokio Hotel shirts -or even the grand prize consisting of t[b]wo concert tickets PLUS a meet & greet with Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg!

    The good news is that each concert location of the big “Welcome to Humanoid City“ Tour is possible- we're not kiddin' guys! Check out all available dates on the official TH website!
    (Underage participants must be accompanied by an adult.)

    Suffice to say, we're very happy and thankful to the band and hope to raise enough money for the next phase of the renovation of our new International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Centre (IHAEC), that we plan to open on June 25th, 2010 to train young people from all over the world how to think up affordable, efficient and fun safe sex campaigns, using elements from pop culture such as music, fashion, the internet and celebrities.

    We hope that many Tokio Hotel fans will participate to the contest/fundraiser - and we think they will, as their dedication and sense of goodwill are legendary.

    A big thank you to all the fans and to Tokio Hotel for their continuous support!

  • DAA and fans make Tokio Hotel proud!

    A while ago, tons of Tokio Hotel fans showed their support to DAA by spreading the safe sex message. Now Tom Kaulitz lets them now he's ever so proud!

    Go to Tom's blog here

  • Knitting against AIDS

    There's more to knitting than you know!

    Designers Against Aids and the gay-lesbian federation of Antwerp teamed up with Belgian HIV and STD awareness organizations Sensoa and The Pink House to organize an exclusive knitting benefit. The project is called 'Knitting against AIDS' and wants to draw attention to the international World AIDS Day on December 1st 2009.

    Click here to check out how to help us!

  • We LOVE Tokio Hotel fans!

    Click here and find out why!

  • Our weekly blog!Tokio Hotel,your own label and Richie Nickel

    Tokio Hotel fans ready to promote DAA

    +report on these events COMING SOON

    Make-up guru Richie Nickel supporting DAA

    Start your own label!

  • Audrey Kitching for DAA

    Isn't she amazing? Thanks so much to Audrey for supporting us!

  • 'Model' with our Fashion Against Aids T-shirts

    Hi guys,

    We're still curious to see how you look in one of our Designers Against Aids or Fashion Against Aids T-shirts!

    Send your picture+name to and we'll make sure you'll be featured in our picture section on this Netlog page in the "It's YOU wearing our gear!" set AND on our website...

    Thanks for your immense support and remember to keep it safe.

  • Audrey Kitching for Designers Against Aids

    Audrey Kitching has customized our shirts and turned them into a sparkles and fairydust!
    Check out Audrey's behind-the-scene picture of her shoot for us on her buzznet!

    Audrey behind-the-scenes!

  • DAA bed linen collection!

    Click to see the collection!
    Designers Against Aids has teamed up with Mistral Home Textiles, creating a unique bed linen collection with designs coming from the creative minds of Belgian singer Kate Ryan, Belgian band Vive la Fête and Dutch graphic designers Shape Squad.

    These duvet covers with matching pillowcases are made out of biological cotton and will not only ensure a good nights' sleep, they also carry an essential safe sex message. The single bed covers (140 x 200 cm) will be available in all Makro stores in Belgium from September 9th 2009, where they will be sold for the price of 24,95€.

    Both manufacturer Mistral and distributor Makro will each donate 2€ of the sales price to Designers Against Aids, which means that 4€ per sold item will directly go to the DAA organization.

    Have fun, but stay safe.

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