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Thursday, 19 April 2012 at 18:52

The top section of the resume is the first impression that anyone reading it receives about you. What is says, how it says it and the physical layout are all important components of the big picture. I often see resumes that have headings of either Objective or Summary/Profile and these terms are often used interchangeably.

In today's world they are not the same, let us examine each one and look at the pros and cons.

Objective - This perhaps the most misused of the titles given to the opening statement. Your objective is to get a job; it is as simple as that. So the most logical thing for you to do is getting paid for your work. You can set up a station in your kitchen where you sell your famous pie to people in the neighborhood or you can cook a special dish that is very unique and sell it around the community. This is one way. Another perfect job for women is sewing. Most women love fashion and are very creative when it comes to clothing. Why not work at home sewing dresses and other fabrics for people around the community.

If you don't want to do any one of the above functions, then you can work online as a freelance writer or a virtual assistant.

So you've decided to hang out your shingle and start your own bookkeeping business. Now the nail-biting begins. How are you going to line up some clients fast?

1. Send out a sales letter to new businesses announcing your bookkeeping service. Put together a mailing list using your local Yellow Pages directory or Chamber of Commerce membership list.

2. Place a display ad in your local newspaper. Watch your costs on this though, as display ads can really be expensive. You could create a "Question and Answer" display ad which solves a common problem a potential customer may have. Your expertise will help assure potential clients that you know your stuff. Create a different ad weekly and you could develop a loyal following.

3. Place a classified ad in the Work Wanted section. Make sure you create a catchy headline and describe which services you provide. Don't print your hourly rate though as you want to be able to negotiate this depending on each client's needs.

4. Get in contact with your local Accountants and setup a referral system with them. These professional are always looking for good bookkeepers that they can refer their client to. It saves them from dealing with an accounting nightmare at year end.

5. Start networking at your local Chamber of Commerce or other business type organizations. These groups are all made up of business professionals who either will need a good bookkeeper or can refer you to someone who does.

6. As a follow-up to your sales letter you could send out a newsletter with information on bookkeeping, financial and business issues. Try not to overly promote your bookkeeping business otherwise people will just see it as blatant advertising and not valuable information worth keeping.

7. Send out small postcards as another follow-up to your original mailing. Now go out and line up some clients.

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