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Blog / Roller Crusher's Operation Cautions and Maintance

Monday, 26 March 2012 at 09:35

Roller crusher (Ambigu rollers crusher) applies to cement, chemical, electrical energy, metallurgy, making material, fire-proof materials and some other industrial division to break medium hardness materials, like fragment operate of limestone, slag, coke, coal, and so on. Double rollers crusher is created of roller gadget, supporting bearing, compression adjusting device and running gear.
Operation Cautions
Enhance work of getting rid of iron. If unbroken compound like drill bit fall in to rollers, it'll damage roller crusher and trigger cease of machine, so roller crusher should certainly be installed iron get rid of device ahead of crush function.
Damaged area of roller crusher is easily be jammed by viscous material, this fault must be handled with device cease, it's certainly forbidden to deal with the jam fault although device is operating.
Although roller crusher processing some huge block materials, pay focus to those block supplies to prevent them squeezing out from broken space and hurting people or damaging device.
By means of long operation of cone crusher, rollers' surface area have massive abrasion that will cause products' particle size too small. Adjust discharging port and overhaul the gear.
Bolster examine on roller crusher's detailed elements, add oil for the lubrication element of roller crusher to be able to maintain equipment at good lubrication condition.
Upkeep of roller crusher can be a standard and significant function, it should really coordinate with machine's operation and check. Roller crusher will have to be checked on duty by full-time worker.
The bearing of roller crusher undertakes all of the weight loaded on machine, and fantastic lubrication has a excellent rapport with bearing's life-span, it right outcomes machine's lifetime and operating rate, so the injected lubrication ought to be cleanse and possesses excellent seal functionality.
New assembled wheel hub really should be checked regularly, since it will get free easily in the beginning.
Pay attention to all the components of working machine to see if they may be regular or otherwise.
Check wear extent of roller crusher's simply abraded parts so as to change them by new elements soon enough.
Do away with dust and also other compound from base plane which locations productive device, this act can stay away from serious incident although the device meets some materiel can't be broken and active bearing cannot move on the base plane.
If oil temperature of bearing rise substantial, you should quit the machine quickly and examine the explanation of temperature rise, then get rid of the difficulty.
If the rotary gear appears abnormally like being impacted, the machine ought to be stopped at when in an effort to check the cause and eliminate the fault.



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