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Blog / copied from tammy tar la croix

Thursday, 18 March 2010 at 15:05

Meet me:
Kiss me:
Hug me:
Date me:
Get tipsy with me:
Kill me:
Love me:
Hate me:
Hold me:
Lie to me:
Hurt me:
Sing with me:
Dance with me:
Touch me:
Have sex with me:
Cuddle with me:
Let me make a move on you:
Make a move on me:
Play with me:
Watch a movie with me:
Get me a B-day gift:
Caress me:
Let me borrow your car:
Let me see you naked:
Be there for me:
Buy me a drink:
Take a shower with me:
Bring me around your friends:
Give me a massage:
Take me to the club:
Go to sleep with me:
Have a threesome with me:
Get VERY drunk with me:
Look if i was naked:
Take advantage of me:
Let me take advantage of u:
Hangout with me:
Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good:
Hold hands with me:
Do something incredibly sweet for me:
Give me a lap dance:
Tell me you love me:
Let me call you:


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