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female - 27 years, Alma, United States
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Blog 14

well.....what can i say...this is me...all me...and nothing but me....sabra

  • ugggh

    Today I woke up, as usual in a good mood. I let my husband sleep in till 930 till I brought my son in the room. It took him over an hour to get him out of bed to even come socialize... Then he did for about ten minutes, after that he got on his game and.played for three and a half hours. Mind you he has hardly spoken a single word to me all morning. well, I ask him how long he plans on playing his game and he said after he finished his round... Well an hour later, as I suspected he was still on there, so I start cleaning and he gets all pissy and shuts off his game. He helps for bout ten mites and gets back on his game.

    I don't ask for a Hell of a lot, but damn it some times I need help, I want to spend time with him but guess he doesn't see the importance of it... Guess I'm just gonna be in the pissy mood the rest of the day.... Least I have my son

  • Wow

    Wow, it has been forever, since i have been here, updated, ect.

    lets just say i live a crazy life. i am married to an amazing man, and have a beautiful baby boy for starters. these two men have made me who i am tday and i will love them both frever and always...

    i think i am going to use this site clearly as just a blog spot. in my life, i have found that i need to vent and do it often before all the stress builds up lol.

    i have found that baking has been helping my stressful life. i love baking especially since it is the christmas season.

    my husband works in the oil field, and to be completely honest i hate it. he is gone most of he time and that sucks bc we miss special family moments that we should share together. but i know that he does what he des so that i can be there for our son 24 7. i love being there and watching my son grow and change and learn new things everyday. its an amazing feeling just wish we could share it together ya know..... anyways that is all for tonight, i will post more hpefully this week

  • Da best bday wish ever..........

    Tomorrow is my birthday, and when i logged on today i was excited to see that i recieved a message, as i always am.......but this one was different......This one was from a really good and faithful friend that i adore ( and yes may even be falling for.........He may not know that though>>>LOL guess you do now!!!!!!!) But for the past year, six months, and twenty days......ive grown to know you more and da things you say amaze me.......... I want the whole world to know that I am crazy about you and wish we could ahve spent Our wonderful bdays together.......but who knows what d future might hold fo both of us :) maybe more then we both imagined!!!!! always love forever and always Sabra Liegh

  • I want UR #

    I want ur #
    I don't care who you are.

    Best time to call:
    text messaging (yes or no) :
    Can you send pics:

    I dare you to copy and paste this and see how many numbers you get.
    If you don't, you will get bad luck for 7 years=]
    Repost as: "i want ur #

  • whats a girl to do.....

    i've never had the best of luck with my relatinships...i mean i meet and chill wit lots of ocationaly we might date...but no real sparks for when they feel somethin i end up feelin bad.....i just want ta meet that someone thats not just lookin for sex....hit me up if u got any ideas or suggestions!!!!

  • I need someone to reply who knows some way to help!!!!!

    Recently my father...who i haent had a relashionshiop with in about 2 to 3 years has been possible working in my hometown.... this is not really a good thing, but its not really a bad thing... I kind of want to confront him, but at the same time i know if i see him i nkow i will end up telling how i really feel which is a whole lot of hateful feeling....and really, thats not my true intentions.....and then again theres that possibleity that it could not be him at all....but heres the thing.............................My best friend lives right across the street from where he could possilbe be working and i don't want it to take away from out far its not, but everytme i do go overthere, there he is.......and it scares me...i think i need help........


    [b] Is there anyone out there to talk to.... I haven't added any new friends latley.... i guess its because i [have been so busy, or because i have been so occupied with feeling sorry for myself.....(i'll explain if you want to talk.....except to crystal......but). BUT like i said i just want someone to talk yeah[b]



  • everyone....

    schools about to end ( thank you GOd and summer is about to start.... what is there to do

  • help me!~!!!!!!!!


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