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Thursday, 8 November 2012 at 03:20

It is just when human mind liberates itself with the limitations and boundaries, technology moves ahead and raises yet another milestone. This is exactly what perhaps Ethan Marcotte did while he introduced the idea of creating web designs which "responds" for the screen dimensions and resolutions it is being viewed on. His applying for grants Responsive Web site design were viewed around the blog "A list Apart". Getting freedom from screen sizes and resolutions of various devices has developed into a liberating and perhaps creatively fulfilling experience for that web designers.

Web design denver

In the web 0.1 era when static one-page websites were created, things were pretty much simple, at least with them in the current era. Gradually, mobile was introduced and it experienced several transformations which continue till today. Along came other devices as well, for example Notebook and Kindle. As the marketing geeks have always remained around the pursuit for possible ways of reaching the shoppers and market, web has stayed the least expensive way of contacting them (one of the ways initially and 2 way today) with best ROI. This has opened new avenues to forge transparent and uninhibited conversations and possesses hence kept marketing teams on its toes to style their communiqué or websites suited to the not merely each screen size but the options that come with the each medium or device.

As the number of devices will definitely rise, having separate websites for each device can put forth a amazing number websites being designed, updated and managed on a daily basis. Needless to say that all website may well not convey the same theme or essence, but demands being created because your audience could view it on a device he could be most comfortable with. To top it, the crowd experience in different browsers may vary vastly. Even though we've got the technology evolves further, we would take a look at independence from the limited screens of handheld devices. The opportunity to use any surface being a screen is perhaps beingshown to people there!

Today, even Google recommends Responsive Web Design as their preferred way for building websites. Moreover, Google Analytics provides a consolidated report on the information of one's website from each device, instead of different charts and graphs for several sites.

Web design denver

Responsive Website design was obviously a term coined by Ethan Marcotte which rests around the concepts of fluid designs and content and image choreography and media queries.


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