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female - 27 years, RADelaide!!, Australia
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k wowz.. i thinks i might update this thingy.. i havnt changed it since i was 16... ne who..

i am now 19.. i have an awsome boyfriend.. i have been in his lovly arms for 2 years now..
i now have 24 piercings.. lol yehh_
_14 ml stretchers
_ both sides of my ears 8 times each..
_ septum
_both nipples
n yes one which im not going to menchion.. but i guess now u have guessed... hmmm!!! :)

i like to draw in pencil mainly, i play soccer for the best team in the world.. n this year were gonna finish top... :)

i have a lil sis 2 big bros a mummy n a daddy a cat, a dog, n a rabbit :)

i have onli 2 tattoos so far.. but i am working on getting more..

i listen to heavy metel music but also a bit ov everything hear n there..

kk catchya round..

peace :)

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christy hind
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RADelaide!! (South Australia)
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soccer, playing bass, talking
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In a relationship with marcel.
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Men and women

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hey sexy
thanks for accepting :)
whats up?
got msn? :)

hey thats ok sorry nah dont have msn.. iv gotta go but.. so have a good day catchya :)

ohh ok take care

posted by hot__guy
28 October 2008

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hey im so so reved.. i just went to the disturbed concert last night n it was mad.. :) the sing just like they do on te cd n the crowed got so into it.. best concert sofar.. :)

peace out

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