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male - 40 years, Scotland Montrose, United Kingdom
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28 September 2007

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    vatif527 30 March 2013

    How are you today, I hope all is well with you,
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    cowiejock1974 yesterday at 21:38

    - Xxparty_girl_for_lifexX:
    ok sounds gd 2 me

    thats what i like to hear sexy xx

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    cowiejock1974 yesterday at 17:13

    - Xxparty_girl_for_lifexX:
    i bet i wud

    mmm good goood jump on and il see what i can do for ur comfort sorry nae time for chat the night im busy but when im available i hope to have some banter with u xxx

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    cowiejock1974 16 April 2008

    - Xxparty_girl_for_lifexX:
    lol cool

    i hope u qwould like the seats lol xx

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    cowiejock1974 16 April 2008

    - Xxparty_girl_for_lifexX:
    - cowiejock1974:
    - Xxparty_girl_for_lifexX:
    thanks 4 ya comment on mi pic and wud u realy replace my hands. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    too right i would mind u i think i might have to remove ur top first lol xxx

    cool well i can c from yr pic sum were i cud sit niceley xxxxx

    there is more than 1 place id let u sit so jump on :) :) :)

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