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Saturday, 16 July 2011 at 08:42

<a href="">downloa... movies</a>. One major critique involving 3D is that 3d glasses make the film darker, but here they perform very smart thing, the film itself can be brighter than your average movie which problem evens itself out there. Shockwave appears briefly at first and vanishes for two hours, he himself doesn't actually do much, it's all as a result of this big nameless tentacle-clad decepticon he works together with. Starscream does nothing, however he never did anything anyway. I'm not even gonna mention Patrick Dempsey. But the biggest let down is to use the movies main bad guy "Sentinel Prime". Basically he's Optimus' predecessor but he changed sides to the decepticons and made a handle Megatron to bring life to their home planet Cybertron. This is actually the driving element of the particular movie, but there are many plot holes because of this. Early in the movie Optimus basically says he really wants to make Sentinel Prime leader of the autobots again, and offers him the matrix (an item that brings dead transformers time for life) but Sentinel Leading declines. <a href="">downloa... best movies</a>! Then he changes sides. Why did this individual decline taking the matrix? it'd in definitely be a aid in his ploy. Sentinel Prime gets numerous chances to kill Optimus for good, but like all bad villains he delays their hand and Optimus life.<br /><br />The product-placement is out of control. I am not joshing when I say there exists a scene where Shia LaBeouf ceases the movie to recite a new Mercerdes Commercial<br /><br />The annoying characters on the last movie are absent, save one. The very little autobot who humped Megan Fox's leg makes a return. You should be thankful there's no Skids and also Mudflap<br /><br />The Down-Right Unattractive<br /><br />The acting here is usually a range from Tolerable to Impossibly-Bad. There are actors here which were in some high quality material that just coldly signed onto this as a) they wanted a new paycheck :) they have got nothing else on their schedules I mean John Malkovich and Frances McDormand are Oscar nominees who're so unbelievably bad in this movie they make Shia Lebeouf resemble Laurence Olivier and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley could be the stiffest most wooden actress i've noticed in ages. John Turturro will be awkward but after about three movies I don't treatment anymore.<br /><br />Stereotypes a-hoy, less prominent as before however it's here. We include: Tyrese Gibson and various other black guy fist-bump and ridicule one another. We have LeBeouf contact a Japanese man "Moto-Mushi-Ichi" and also decepticons with dreadlocks. Plus that gay guy through the hangover makes an physical appearance as some loony scientist, but luckily Michael Clean had the sense to drop him away from a window.<br /><br />Some visceral "American" moments, like using the celestial body overhead landing to spark the flicks plot. Also blowing in the statue of Lincoln to let Megatron lay on the chair instead. Since i'm British I didn't maintain these scenes that are obviously supposed to say to American followers: "These decepticons are spitting out up America! <a href="">downloa... best movies</a>, The movie delivers on everything it promises and all you could expect and not a single dull moment.



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