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Monday, 3 October 2011 at 08:14

Everyone would agree to this when we say that chatting is the most comfortable way to communicate with each other these days. Whether sitting in the other country or sitting in the next room we all chat by writing online. Extremely popular mean of communication and considered easy for races , people chat and write down online their daily experience to each other and also express their emotions.

To express the emotion well and show how exactly you feel about a particular situation to the other person what could be better than inserting a smiley showing that emotion? This would surely give it an edge. Thereafter, just for this we have smileys to give the effect and make the other person realise how exactly we feel when we are saying it.

We all have chat boxes and different messengers through which we chat and communicate with the person sitting on the other end. Some chat boxes may have smileys already installed in them but some of them may not have them at all, or even if they have them they may need to be updated. Thus we have to download these smileys from various sites available.

When we say downloadable smileys it may seem that this would be a time consuming and a lengthy task while it is not. You can download smileys in a couple of seconds and you do not need to follow a procedure when doing it and smileys are just a click away!

Once downloaded the smiley would remain there ready to be used whenever you sign in and whenever you fee like putting one in to empress the emotion. You just have to download it once and that is it; it will remain there to be used again and again.

Anger .You just got back from work and it was a bad day. Just to tell how angry you are at your boss here goes a red angry face speedy enough to make the impression and tell the other person how angry you are. You could either write another paragraph describing the rage inside you or one downloadable smiley would do the same work for you as well in pretty much of less time and less effort.

Ecstatic much? There goes a big wide smile which can bring a smile to the other person’s face as well sitting on the other computer. Now is the moment when you are shocked and have been struck by surprise by some close one’s unusual behaviour. What would express and explain the situation better than a downloadable smiley with a mouth wide open and make the person communicating with u feel the same too.

Maybe just to tell how grave the situation is, a smiley can also be used just as a disguise or to over act in front of the person! You are not really sitting there and crying but to emphasize one can send a downloadable smiley which is all teary.

The downloadable smileys are those that are stationary showing faces and simple expressions. However, we always have latest and updated smileys which are moving and are animated. The spice that an animated smiley would add to a conversation would truly be amazing. The colour an animated smiley would bring with hands moving, eyes shifting and hair flaunting would truly be an experience on its own.



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