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I actually have no idea of what to say because every single time I have to write about me I write the same things all over....oh well....
Something that I probably will keep saying is that my name is Lucia but you can call me as you like...except Lucy cause I just hate it! lol!
I really love singing and playing tennis even though now I'm mostly concentrating on the singing hobby since there is chamber singers going on... :)
I also love hanging out with my friends and doing some stupid stuff (not to exaggerated though)...I currently live in Cairo, Egypt and think it's amazing living there...
I am mostly considered American because of the American School I am attending there...

People say I am friendly, cute, polite and stuff even though I don't like saying it myself cause I just simply hate judging myself even though when negatively... let's just say I'm not as all the other Italians...
...................about the rest.... you can try to find out yourselves.... :)

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4 January 2009

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