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my names christine, but you can call me chrissi. :) i have my likes and dislikes.. im not really unique, and i dont judge people for following style.. whatever makes em happy yknow o/ im not a big fan of people who think its 'cool' to play their 'tunes' on the back of the bus, especially when it sounds like a cat has been set on fire, played over someone playing the drums on fast forward. badly. nobzz. hate is a strong word.. so i try not to use it.. but don't you just hate it when somebody says.. "not trying to make you feel guilty but.." and then makes you feel guilty ._. rly gets on ma tits ;/ pretty much find school a waste of time.. minus the bit where we laugh. i like knowing people care about me. i like the flutterbyes you get in your tummy when you know someone loves you. i love cuddles more than kisses. play with my hair and i will probably fall asleep. make me laugh and i probably wont forget about you. music isnt really my life.. but i like it :] im pretty average …

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heya hun luvin all ya pics hujus as eva lve danii

posted by IckleDanii
14 September 2007

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another boring sunday :)
roast was nice tho :)
n made oaty biscuits cause im talented like that lol
ok all i had to do was empty out the packet add butter n water n bang it in the oven
but heyy
i had to mix stuff n bake stuff :)

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