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female - 117 years, Multan, Pakistan
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About me

Hmmmm.... abt me??? allergic of hypocrisy.. a true nature lover , who luvs all weathers except muggy, luv to celebrate isolation in calm & tranquil afternoons of sizzling hot summer...ohoh murky days & nyts of blood freezing i luv it!!! greenery, trees, meadows,lakes, oh me, enchanting!! hey doleful desrts, quiet dunes, how beautiful is their'l find me in "Blues" since i'm Blue!! obviously clr of vastnes ( darling SKY ) & of fathomless depths ( mysterious WATERS )...butterflies, sparrows... falcons on the other hand... i luv, i luv, i luv!! my frieds r of de opinion, Wordsworth dies but leaves his cinders behind!!! hahaha i tk it as a COMPLIMENT... :)

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chisht chishti
Date of birth
Multan (Punjab)
Native language
aww...loyal, true, pure!
teaching,language training (Appointee)
Looking for
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music,rligion, nature,cel phn, poetry bla bla....
Love status
In love with falcons n clouds... h….

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