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Well, I am a lot of fun and a gentle lady to!... Interests include: golf, travel, dancing, cuddling and heart to heart talks. Looking for a partner where we do active things together AND we just love to be with each other. Being together includes activities, traveling or something simple like taking time to snuggle, touch, etc just because we wanna! How to describe oneself positively and your ideal match! I wish there were shortcuts here! I am a positive person. Love to Laugh. Life's a journey that keeps getting better.Things I like to do: traveling, seeing new things, dancing, motorcycling, Oldies and country music, hiking, bowling, movies (especially comedies and adventure movies), camping, cooking, walking on the beach, wine tasting and flee markets. Actually, there is not much I don't enjoy doing...... except jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! Looking for someone who likes at least some of the same things as I do; looks forward to being together; takes time to snuggle, …

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