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  • to all women



    Be aware of new car-jacking scheme.
    You walk across the car park, unlock your car and get inside. Then you
    Lock all your doors, start the engine and shift or put into reverse.
    You look into the rear-view mirror to back out of your parking space and
    You notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window.
    So, you shift the gear stick back into park or neutral, unlock your
    Doors and jump out of your car to remove that paper or whatever it is
    That is obstructing your view.
    When you reach the back of your car that is when the car-jackers
    Appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off!!
    Your engine was running, you would have left your purse in the car and
    They practically mow you down as they speed off in your car.
    Just drive away and remove the paper later! It is stuck to your window
    And be thankful that you read this email.
    I hope you will forward this to friends and family especially to
    Women! A purse contains all identification, and you certainly do NOT
    Want someone getting your home address. They already HAVE your keys!!!

    Brian Molloy
    Detective Constable
    Force Intelligence Bureau
    Strathclyde Police
    0141 532 5867

    I have also heard of a similar car-jacking scheme being carried out by
    Leaving a traffic cone in the road in a relatively quiet you stop
    And get out of your car to move it...leaving your engine running...sure you
    Can work out the rest.

    BE AWARE !

    Safety Advice from L&B Police, forwarded to L&B Fire & Rescue Service for all female employees in particular.

    Some sound advice for us all as we all sometimes forget to take our common
    sense with us when we go out. This is from Northants Police..


    Women.... In light of the recent kidnapping and now murder of Leigh Mathews
    I think it is important to read the following info for your own safety.
    Things women should know to stay safe: Please Take the time to read these
    pointers. There may just be one or two you hadn't thought of. After
    reading this, forward it to someone you care about. It never hurts to be
    careful in this crazy world we live in.

    1. Tip from Tae Kwon Do: The elbow is the strongest point on your body. If
    you are close enough to use it, do!

    2. If a robber asks for your handbag, DO NOT HAND IT TO HIM. Toss it away
    from you.... he is probably more interested in your handbag than you and he
    will go for the handbag. RUN LIKE MAD IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

    3. If you are ever thrown into the boot of a car: Kick out the back tail
    lights and stick your arm through the hole and start waving. The driver
    won't see you but everybody else will. This has saved lives.

    4.Women have a tendency to get into their cars after shopping, eating,
    working, etc., and just sit (doing their cheque book, or making a list).

    DON'T DO THIS! A predator could be watching you, and this is the perfect
    opportunity for him to get in on the passenger side, and attack you. AS

    5. A few notes about getting into your car in a car park:

    A.) Be aware: look around you, look into your car, at the passenger side
    floor, and check the back seat.

    B.) If you are parked next to a big van, enter your car from the passenger
    door. Most attackers surprise their victims by pulling them into their vans
    while the women are attempting to get into their cars.

    C.) Look at the car parked on the driver's side of your vehicle, and the
    passenger side. If a male is sitting alone in the seat nearest your car,
    you may want to walk back into the shop, or work, and get a guard/policeman
    to walk you back out. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY. (And
    better paranoid than dead.)

    6. ALWAYS take the lift instead of the stairs. Stairwells are horrible
    places to be alone and the perfect crime spot.

    7. If the predator has a gun and you are not under his control, ALWAYS RUN!
    The predator will only hit you (a running target) 4 in 100 times; and even
    then, it most likely WILL NOT be a vital organ. RUN!

    8. As women, we are always trying to be sympathetic: STOP IT! It may get
    you raped, or killed. Ted Bundy, the serial killer, was a good-looking,
    well educated man, who ALWAYS played on the sympathies of unsuspecting
    women. He walked with a cane, or a limp, and often asked "for help" into
    his vehicle or with his vehicle, which is when he abducted his next victim.

    9. Another Safety Point: Someone just told me that her friend heard a
    crying baby on her porch the night before last, and she called the police
    because it was late and she thought it was weird. The police told her
    'Whatever you do, DO NOT open the door." The lady then said that it sounded
    like the baby had crawled near a window, and she was worried that it would
    crawl to the street and get run over. The policeman said, "We already have
    a unit on the way, whatever you do, DO NOT open the door." He told her that
    they think a serial killer has a baby's cry recorded and uses it to coax
    women out of their homes thinking that someone dropped off a baby. He said
    they have not verified it, but have had several calls by women saying that
    they hear babies' cries outside their doors when they're home alone at

    Please pass this on and DO NOT open the door for a crying baby.

    I'd like you to forward this to all the women you know. It may save a life.

    A candle is not dimmed by lighting another candle. Send this to any woman
    you know that may need to be reminded that the world we live in has a lot
    of crazies in it and it's better safe than sorry.


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  • to every girl

    to every girl
    To every girl....if you almost cry while reading this, it includes you....

    To every girl that dresses cute, not skanky.

    To every girl who wants to be called beautiful, not hot.

    To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for you.

    To every girl who gets her heart broken, because he chose that bitch instead

    To every girl that would die to have a decent boyfriend.

    To every girl who would just once like to be treated like a princess.

    To every girl that cries at night because of another heartbreak.

    To every girl that won't get down on her knees and open her mouth just to get a boyfriend.

    To every girl that just wants to hold hands.

    To every girl that kisses him with meaning.

    To every girl who just wishes he cared more.

    To every girl who would just once want a guy to give their jacket up when they are cold.

    To every girl who just wants him to call.

    To every girl who lies awake at night thinking about him.

    To every girl that just wants to cuddle.

    To every girl that just wants to sleep with him without doing anything.

    To every girl that is SCARED to put her heart out there again, because she has been HURT too many times or so badly.

    To every girl who shows how much she cares and gets nothing back.

    To every girl that thought 'maybe this one could be the one'.

    To every girl that laughs at stupid stuff when she actually doesn't think it is funny.

    To every girl who is just looking for that one and only and is having a rough time along the way.

    To every girl that doesn't want a guy who just plays with her emotions but actually cares about how she feels.

    To every girl who wants words backed up with actions.

    To every girl that fell for all the lies only to find themselves alone in the end.

    To every girl that gave her heart away to have it shoved back in her face.


    To every girl that has faith that 'tomorrow will be a better day.'

    And it will be. Trust me.

    *If you are a nice girl repost this as: "To every girl."

    *If you are a guy that thinks every girl should try to think about even a few of these things repost it as "I am looking for this girl".

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  • joke

    a man walks into asda, go's up to the customer service desk, flops out his circumcised penis on the counter and says "i bet you can't roll that back"

  • x marks the spot

    put an 'x' in all the ones that apply for me...
    [] I want your number
    [] Pretty/Cute
    [] Hottie
    [] Sexy
    [] Gorgeous
    [] I'd take you home in a second
    [] I'd make out with you right now
    [] I want u to fuck me
    [] I love you
    [] Wanna hook up?

    Would you kiss me?
    [] Hell Yea
    [] Yes
    [] No
    [] Maybe
    [] Already did

    Would you do me?
    [] In an instant!
    [] Yes
    [] No
    [] Maybe
    [] Already did

    Am I attractive?
    [] Heck no
    [] Hot as Hell
    [] Fine
    [] Cute
    [] Okay I think ur handsome
    [] Sexy
    [] Ugly!

    Do you think im a virgin?
    [] Yes
    [] No
    [] Don't know

    Name one thing you would like to do to me...

    I look like..
    [] A player
    [] One time thing
    [] Next bf/gf

    If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me?
    [] Yes
    [] No
    [] maybe

    Would you rather..
    [] Hook up with me
    [] Cuddle with me
    [] Date me
    [] Marry me
    [] Friends

    What kind of underwear are you wearing right now?
    [] Boxers
    [] whitie tighties
    [] Thongs
    [] None

    On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me..
    [] 1
    [] 2
    [] 3
    [] 4
    [] 5
    [] 6
    [] 7
    [] 8
    [] 9
    [] 10

    Are you going to repost this so i can answer for you?
    [] Yes
    [] No

    What would you want me to be to you?
    [] Friend
    [] Girlfriend/Boy friend
    [] Friend with benefits

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  • i'm bored

    i'm soooo bored someone entertain me please lol. where is everybody lol

  • bloody men

    why do some of the men on here chat so much bloody bull shit.

  • real men

    Real man?........take note boys!!!!

    1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his Woman first.

    2.) A REAL MAN raises his kids, not JUST out of pocket either.

    3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself.

    4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN.

    5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises

    6.) A REAL MAN calls you BEAUTIFUL, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck.

    8.) A REAL MAN CALLS U on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS.

    9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you OR WHAT HIS FRIENDS THINK OF YOU!

    10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you.

    11.) A REAL MAN comes over JUST to watch movies with you.

    12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because.

    13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real.

    14.) A REAL MAN should be treated like one.

    15.) A REAL MAN doesn't ask questions when you say you need something... him, sex, or money, a bed to sleep in.

    16.) A REAL MAN lets others know How He Feels About his Girl.

    17.) A REAL MAN doesn't play games!!!!!!!!!!!

    18.) A REAL MAN doesn't leave his girl to go and hang out with his friends if he hasn't seen her in a week and then call her at 4 in the morning because he needs some loving.

    19.) A REAL MAN doesn't deny you.

    20.) A REAL MAN doesn't just think about sex.

    21.) A REAL MAN Doesn't Judge a book by the cover.

    22.) A REAL MAN wouldn't use his friendship card to get what he wants.

    23.) A REAL MAN knows the difference between a REAL WOMAN and a random girl.

    24.)A REAL MAN wont degrade a woman with words nor will he ever put his hand on her in anger.

    25.) A REAL MAN sends you flowers Just Because.

    All females repost this if you agree.

    All males repost this if you are A REAL MAN

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