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Ok first things first.. My name is Amy. I have a twin sister Holly. We are very close.. We dont live together tho. She lives with my dad! I only see her every other weekend.. Soo this weekend shes not here!!! I hate not being with her. I love my friends and family! They mean alot to me.. They are all so wonderful. Yep its just me n my mom living together.. She hasnt found anyone. And my dad is Remarried and has to other kids! It Sucks! We all was soo close!
I love to play volleyball.. softball.. sing and dance and also cheer! Im a very nice person with a great personality..
I get along with just about everyone lol..
I hate when ppl talk about things that they think is ture.. So if u like to start DRAMA dont even talk to me!!!!
Well if u wanna kno more.. just ask!!
oh yeah add me on msn

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Singing..Cheering..D- ancing..Volleyball..- Softball
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Heyyyyyyyyyyy Cuteeeeeeeeeeee hiiiiii

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8 April 2012

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