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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 at 19:14

One of the important aspects of search engine optimization is link building, the process of building back links or links which point visitors back to your site. The more websites which link back to your site, the higher you are going to position on the search engine results consequently increasing the profit earning possibilities of your website.

There are many things that you can do to put into action an effective link building strategy. However, you ought to be mindful in utilizing these methods because once they are abused, they can no longer help promote your site.

To operate an effective link building campaign and succeed in your online venture you need to understand the strategies which will provide results vs . those that no longer work. Utilizing one method on it's own will only take you so far so you need to look at a number of different options for your link building efforts to be as successful as it can be.
Here are a few of the proven and tested link building methods recommended by the majority of online marketers and SEO experts. Look at each of them and see which ones will work for you best.

Article marketing or article submission
Article submission is perhaps among the oldest yet still extremely effective link building techniques used by nearly all website owners and online marketers nowadays. Marketing your products or services by means of articles offers you one hundred percent contextual back links, something that all search engines go crazy about in an instant.

Other than submitting articles to online article directories and third party sites, you can also take it a degree higher by publishing your articles on blogs, say as a guest writer at someone else's blog on the same niche as your own or in ezines.

Social bookmarking
A year or so ago social bookmarking was acclaimed among the top methods to get back links and everyone sought to use social bookmarks due to this. Today the popularity is not as it had been before however it is still an effective method that you can use to obtain additional links.

So long as you can find a strong list of good bookmarking sites, this approach could work to your advantage. On top of that, social bookmarking is also a great way to drive traffic to your website according to the social bookmarking website you are using.

Commenting on blogs
Blog commenting is an effective method to build backlinks however, you must use caution in this area because your comments might be deemed spam if you do not give consideration to the comments you make and focus only on dropping your links anyplace you can. You can make sure that your comment isn't treated as spam by the owner and by the search engines if you publish comments which are relevant to the article and add some genuine substance to your statements.

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