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Blog / Learning Spanish with Mental Preparation

Thursday, 11 August 2011 at 19:29

The Spanish word for "I" is "yo", however it is frequently not utilised in Spanish sentences because the construction of the verb it is used with already tells us that "I" is being referred to "compro = I buy". Secondly, in Spanish, adjectives generally come following the nouns that they're utilized with whereas in English they typically come just before them. "strong coffee = caf fuerte".

Should you know absolutely nothing about Spanish as I didnt then you might already be just a little confused. At this stage it possibly isnt worth thinking an excessive amount of about how the structure with the English and Spanish languages may differ. You are going to just come to realise these differences as you progress by way of your studies. Nevertheless, I believe it truly is important to remind oneself proper from the extremely beginning that studying Spanish wont be as simple as just matching English and Spanish words!

Of course if you dont know any Spanish words then you are not going to have the ability to make any sentences, regardless if they are grammatically correct or not. You should begin studying some words and phrases. Try thinking about a number of the most typical every single day phrases in English.

You can commence by studying some widespread greetings as an example - hello (hola) goodbye (adis), great morning (buenos das), excellent afternoon (buenas tardes). In these examples you may have noticed that the translation with the English word employed for "good" is both "buenos" and "buenas". This is due to the fact 1 is masculine along with the other is feminine!! If you are not certain what I am talking about then dont worry. I will talk much more about gender in later articles.

The point here is that when understanding new Spanish words or phrases you might be most likely going to notice differences within the way they're employed that you dont totally recognize. If you are anything like me you will usually be asking your self why? My advice is not to get too bogged down in trying to comprehend these items too quickly. It is going to almost certainly just frustrate you!

Also as learning beneficial words and phrases you needless to say should be sure that you can pronounce them correctly! The only way it is possible to do this is by hearing some examples. It truly is critical to ensure you pronounce Spanish words appropriately proper from the beginning. If you dont then you will pick up bad habits that can turn into a lot more tough to shake off later on.

Spanish pronunciation is one thing you will most likely desire to study separately during your studies. It's an excellent notion to do this early on. The good news is that Spanish pronunciation is far much less complex than English pronunciation. I will be discussing this in a lot more detail in later articles.

So, you have to start understanding new Spanish words and phrases whilst making positive that you simply pronounce them properly. When I 1st started learning Spanish I bought a fundamental level Spanish text book. I had about a six weeks just before I was about to embark on a long trip to Central and South America and my aim was to finish the book prior to the six weeks was up. Hasta luego.....



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