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hey erm yeah so my names mark i play bass and do screaming. I know how vain this sounds but after the last few days i have realised my full potential of bass playng and i now have my ood metal band sorted as im goin to play bass and do the screaming. i love to get stoned near enougth every day but i hardfly ever drink because ion all fairness its a bit shit and at the end of the day im underage. :) i smoke but ive cut down drastically to like 2 a day. I DONT like emos that go around wearing their makeup n say oh yeah im a metal head i like bullet for my valentine n bmvh because there not metal there shit

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mark bray
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(1 week to)
pontefract (Walsall)
United Kingdom
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singing and playing bass (Other)
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my "professions" and listning to music being with people n bein stoned
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I fancy

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Hi, i think you`re quite nice and you are not that far away from the place where i stay :) Would you like to know me better? I`m single since quite a while now and that`s kind a boring. Maybe we chat around a bit and see what comes up? Actually this …

posted by kristapatterson
12 March 2013

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