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  • EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!z

    {woot} its exams week so ive not been on all. Checkout my facebook robyn bridgeman... I think my colitis is coming back so this rilly sux...I was rilly sad cos i think im fat then Jeff+I talked for like 2 hrs and I felt much better then we had some lip action and I felt even better lol lol lol
    So I might take English10 next semester but im not sure cos i'll have to drop Drama and that would rilly suk....
    Anyhoo im going to like, go talk to Smusha and Message ppl now so
    xox hugs and kizzes

  • more quote-a-lotes :):)

    Tell her how you admire her.
    Always tell her you love her, at all times.
    When shes upset, hold her tight.
    Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with.
    Play with her hair, pick her up,
    tickle her, and wrestle with her.
    Just talk to her. Tell her jokes.
    Bring her flowers, just because.
    Hold her hand & run, just hold her hand.
    Throw pebbles at her window at night.
    Let her fall asleep in your arms.
    Sing to her no matter how awful you sound.
    Get her mad at you, then kiss her.
    Give her piggy back rides.
    Push her on swings.
    Tell her she looks beautiful.
    When she's sad, stay on the phone with her,
    even if she's not saying anything.
    Look into her eyes and smile.
    Kiss her on her forehead.
    Slow dance with her even if theres no music.
    Kiss her in the rain

  • quotes from random sites i <3

    The problem with emotions is you can't rely on them; they're not trustworthy. Emotions will come & go and it's easy to make an impulsive decision when wrapped up in emotion. But you have to have something you can fall back on when there's not any emotion anymore. Emotion must become action for it to stay, and this action must become a foundation. So, therefore, love isn't an emotion; it’s an action.

    all i want is for one guy to prove something to me.
    i want a guy who can show me that they aren't all the same;
    someone who loves me for who i am
    and doesn't worry about the things i'm not.
    someone who can tell me anything and mean every word.
    i want a guy who tells me he loves me,
    and actually knows what he's saying

    I need someone that will be there
    when I get my heart broken.
    I need someone that I can call
    no matter what time it is.
    I need someone that I can tell everything to.
    I need someone that will make me
    smile by hearing their voice.
    I need someone that has every thing
    I want, but I guess that someone
    never showed up yet.

  • Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    supposed to be in musical practice but skipping out because i dont want to even look at him right now.
    Need some water. :)

  • Prom

    I was surfing the net looking at the how-to's of manicurs and such when i found a prom dress site with some dresses that I love.
    Here is one of the links;
    Its rilly cute
    O yea and theres this one, but it would look better in a dark blue or black&red color

    I love prom, ive been thinking about it since I was like 6.
    O yea and this one is rilly cute but its more of a corset than a dress. I wouldnt be aloud to wear it out of the house

    overall, i am obsessed.

  • Walk like an Egyptian

    Billy talent concert yesterday..Didnt go.:) Wanted to soo badly. This mornign I woke up and went to the newspaper and saw an article about it. Smush saw one in Socials and started to cry, showed it to me and I cried. We taped it in our locker and both cried.
    TGIF Jeff says he has a present for me:S but wont tell me it until I tell him mine for him.
    O yea did I mention im dying my hair pink, Changing my name to Cherry, getting a lip piercing and becoming a pole dancer.
    Mum overreacted when I told herself.
    Make mroe money as a doctor than a poledancer??Pshh no way. Feel free to comment about this...At least i'll be happy and poor than sad and rich.
    What good is money if ur a mopey dick all the time? {Rachel's expression, not mine}
    We called the KidsHelpPhoen today from Devons house and asked questions
    a) My friend has a compulsive drinking problem{me{
    :) My friend wants to have sex {me again}
    c) I have a stalker {all of us}
    Tasha talked for all of them except B, devon said that one. We got a really crappy councellor tho...
    He should be fired. He was like omg why do you care about ur friend so much she can make her own decisions hahaha what kinda fucking councellor is that????? Can you say community service hours as a choice instead of jail?? YEah he definetly wasnt there on purpose.

  • Ardvark on Crack

    Today Mariah and I decided to have a notebook 4 our eyes only that we share to journal in. Would do the same with my other friends but I know that if I wrote something rude or offensive they might get mad @ me and I love them too much for that, im not as close to Mariah so I dont mind as much if she hates me.
    I decided that since im going to be a poledancer i'm going to grow my hair out red for the job and change my name to Cherry.
    In dance class today me,Kelli,Hannah,and Tasha decided that were going to be called the blue cherries and wear blue gymnastic suits for our presentation with crazy blue makeup and glitter and shit.
    Jeff still hasnt said a thing to me...Hmm reminds me of a certain song called IRREPLACEABLE by BEYONCE, because he is replaceable and if he doesnt start frigging trying then it'll be over!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats all.
    Will keep you posted on how my profession as a pole dancer is going.

  • Shes a maniac maniac on the dance floor

    So today I went to the mall with Hannah and Rachel, we took the bus *proud moment* and I *sadly* shovelled in an unhealthy amount of poutine again... so much for my vegan beliefs. Oh well, I dont wear leather.
    Um what else, right I got a really cute corset-like shirt thats black and does up @ the front, 2 new bras, and Hannah gave me a babydoll shirt that is black with white polkadots, im going to wear it to the valentines day dance...
    Im going to the beach with Jeff tomorrow and I think Devon and Tasha mite come, or someone else with Devon. Hope he can find me house, I am the crappiest fucking person I know for giving directions.
    I had a red bull but guess what---Tag is way better. My new fav. Tastes like candy. I saw a thong that's straps had candy like on the candy necklaces. Very kinky.
    Valentines Present 4 Jeff=Corset? Tell me wat you think! {not u smushy i know wat you think lol}

  • a series of events that have happened and are yet to happen.

    Yesterday I went to the mall w Devon&&Tasha&&Laura&&Emma... I was a bit of a pig and ate all of Devon's poutine{{im sorry devniqua i still luv you}} and i was a bit mopey for no reason, also because I feel like im losing Rachel and Laura and Emma and all that jazz but whatever. SO we bussed there and bussed home and I didnt buy anything {{hillary has my wallet!}} and so today im going with Hannah and Rachel {{getting my wallet from Hillary's house first}} and then goiing to the mall to get a totally cute shirt from mariposa, and probably a new pair of shoes and a purse.
    Then tomorrow im goiing out with Jeff, were going to the beach but I have to have a friend come along... cant wait for that :)
    Maybe i'll wear my new shirt for him, but probably not cos its a tank top. {{i put it on hold yesterday}}
    Its a really cute black tank top with a do-up tye-up front, its tight but it can go underneath something else you see. Then theres these purses that are 40$ and I dont know if I should get them but they r really cute.
    And also Aldo, Sterling, and {{what the hell is the other shoe store at Hillside called???}} are having like 50% off sales, which rocks because their shoes r normally 100$$ and stuff. Not getting leather or sweid though, sticking to my morals no matter how cute the shoes are:)
    Anyways thats all for now, Tasha was being mopey and wouldnt tell me why, it was kind of annoying but im sure im annoying,too.
    Im a bit worried that after a while my friends wont want to be my friends anymore because dealing with my downs will be hard and plentiful.
    That happened with my grandma when she got bipolar, she lost all of her friends because she was too much hard work. But I dont have bipolar, im sure its just some hormones displacement or something.
    I hope.
    Byea for now. :) :) :)

  • About to go to bed...

    Yah well its prety early bot I have to go to bed now cos I have trouble waking up... Cant wait 4 semester 2,poor Mr.Williams has me,Emma,Rachel,andTasha in the same class I remember drama last year with all of us && Laura && Jordan, poor MsFast...oh well, soposed to be doing h/w due tomorrow but blogging is better, mite upload more fotos if I have them... byea for nowa
    Quote: My Karma ran over my dogma

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