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    Living in a free world like ours, sometimes, is not easy. Some of us make choices and susceed while others make choices and fail or remain where they are. Taking life in this world for granted sometimes, is not the best option cos many things might not happen to favour us particularly if one is the struggling type, were everyone including family and even close friends fail to come to our aid in times of great need. This brings to mind the role of our creator in our individual lives. God is so precious that He gave us the freedom to do as we wish, but it is so sad how many these days live their lives forgeting the one who gave them that priviledge. In all we do, let us try as much as we can to put our Maker first in all our life endeavours so dat we may never struggle to make it in life but rather ask the Almighty One in faith and beleiving that He will deliver in our individual communing wit Him......