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hello how are you and i think happyy is so near but who can see it and for happyy peoples calling money or a luxes life but the peoples must know its cant bring happyy but u can be happyy with honestly with good caracter and with a clear heart:) i think all good things start with RESPECT if we can have enouqh RESPECT for all life for us in our brain we can be happyy..:)My favorate hobby is take the photos about nature Intellingen, goodheart, caring, sensitive, romantic, honest, tolerant, with good sence of humor,well traveled ,positive,optimist in LOVE with life. do u know what is life mean? and life is like a film u born and finish its important in that life only a little happyy and presence and happyy cameing with good caracter with honestly and a clear heart or if you not have all that but if u have all world again u cant be happyy:) AND FOR ME PEOPLES NAME, RACE, RELGioN ,FACE ,BODY ,MONEY ,THEM AGES ALL iS NOT MPORTANT BECAUSE AM NTERESTNG WTH CARACTER OF PEOPLES BECAUSE ONLY A …

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taca_zenga_jehr taja_zenga_jehr
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antalya (Antalya)
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new cultures new peoples talk and know... just a clear heart honest smile and who is know how look like spring in season

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