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female - 46 years, Kitalangulu, Nederland
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dit is mn dochter melissa

14 January 2007

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    victoria_js13 11 January 2013

    Hello my dear
    My name is Victoria Jonson i came across Your profile today i became intrested in you if you have the same feelings to konow me pls contact me ( ) so that i will send you my pictures and tell you more about me also tell you why i contact you as soon as i read from you please try and reply me back i have very very important thing to tell you and i wish you the best .
    From Yours. Victoria.

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    dinhchien1977 17 February 2012

    offered his friend in the Vietnam War wanted very much to be acquainted with yourself you know your name lightly. they make your own home, where you are. you have a family yet?

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    bobby4sure 24 November 2011


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    _Baksteen_ 13 July 2011

    lekkere dochter

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    kinkiboyke 1 October 2008

    schooen dochter ze xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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