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    Faslay Asay Bi Houn Gay Yeh Khabi Soocha Na Tha
    Samnay Betha Tha Meray Aur Wo Mera Na Tha
    Wo K Khusboo Ke Tarah Phela Tha Meray Charo aur
    Main Use Mehsoos Kar Sakti Thi Choo Sakti Na Thi !!
    Nigahon Me Chamak, Dil Me Khushi Mehsos Karti Hon
    Ke Tere Bas Me Apni Zindagi Mehsos Karti Hon
    Ba Majburi Mukadar Ke Ufak Se Jankne Walon
    Tere Aankon Me Dilbari Mehsos Karti Hon !!
    Mujh Pe Ek Suroor Sa Chaya Hai
    Tere Siva Kuch Na Nazur Aaya Hai,
    Dimaag Kehta Hai Ki Ye Sirf Mohmaya Hai
    Par Dil Pe To Sirf Tera Hi Saya Hai.
    Janti Hun Tu Bekhabur Hai Mujhse
    Pur Kya Karoo Mujhe Pyar Iss Kader Hai Tujh Se,
    Koshish Humne Bahut Ki Tujhe Bhulane Ki
    Pur Ab Dimaag Me Bhi Sirf Tera Hi Khayal Aaya Hai.
    Chahti To Hun Tujhse Bahut Kuch Kehna
    Pur Tere `Na' Bolne Ka Durr Dil Me Samaya Hai.
    Tum Kya Samjhoge Mere Jagbato Ko
    Tumpe To Suroor Kisi Aur Ka Chaya Hai,
    Usne Tumhe Durd Aur Aansuo Ke Siva Kuch Na Diya
    Phir Bhi Tumne Abhi Tak Use Dil Se Lagaya Hai.
    Kabhi Hume Bhi Aazma Ke Dekh Lo
    Humne Tumhare Liye Khushiyon Bhara Ek Aashian Banaya Hai,
    Kya Hoga Agar Tum Na Mile Mujhe
    Bus Isi Ek Khayal Ne Mujhe Khun Ke Aanso Rulaya Hai


    An arrow is useless without a target, a journey is pointless without a destination and life is worthless without goals.

    Just like everything in this world is built for a purpose, our own life should be guided by goals. What is the point of putting efforts into anything, if you don’t know what you want or where you want to go?

    Today, before you go to sleep, take time out to think. Think about your dreams. Think about what you really want to do in life. Think about how you can make a difference in this world. And once you get the answers, set goals for yourself.

    Goals can be anything – making X amount of money, reaching Y position in an organization, being a successful entrepreneur, getting famous, doing community service, etc.. Set goals for the long-term and then, formulate short-term goals which will help you reach the long-term ones. And then, all you would need to do to reach these goals is be smart and work hard.

    Setting goals help us in two ways:

    Direction: Goals give direction to our life. Make us work for a reason. And help us achieve what we want. Short-term goals are a road-map to accomplish long-term goals.

    Focus: Goals help us remain focused and prioritize. Often, we tend to forget what we should be doing and fritter away time in doing things that are fruitless and in some cases, detrimental and harmful. Whenever we feel lost, we should just read our goals to get back on track. If circumstances are not as desired, we can modify our short-term goals and work towards them.

    Goals give us a reason to wake up every morning. We should make it a point to write down our goals and read them every day to remind and motivate ourselves. Then, we should have faith and confidence in our ability to accomplish them. And of course, have the determination to continue in spite of challenges.

    If our mind can think of it, we certainly have the ability to do it!

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