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  • Design Your Garden And Plan To Cultivate

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    The first thing you must do after you determine that it's time for your very own garden is to determine the best place to put it. In case you don't have much room, then you are restricted in your choices, even to only having a box garden. Preferably, you want your garden to receive sunlight from the south so be sure to choose a spot that meets that requirement. Only if it's your single choice, do your best to keep your garden away from northern exposure as this will not benefit your garden at all.

    If your garden lies where it gets sun all day with southern exposure, the vegetables need to be planted in north and south facing rows. Using this setup allows the morning sun to warm up the plants on the east side and the afternoon sun to warm them on the west side. Using this type of installation will prevent your plants from slanting more to one side. Nevertheless, should your garden face southeast, you have to be sure that your rows run northwest and southwest to get the most benefit from the sun.

    Your aim is to equally devote the available sunshine for as long as you can. Most probably, you have noticed a lopsided window plant, which serves as a good illustration of what happens when sunlight is unequally distributed. When you decide where your garden will likely be located, you should generate a diagram on a piece of paper where each of your plants will go. At first, the garden soil in your garden plot will most likely be obscured underneath sod or other debris. When your garden will be in a large space, you will want to plow the ground to turn the sod under; if your garden will be in a small space, it is possible to just get rid of the sod.

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    You can place the grass in one location where it is able to compost into fertilizer. Throughout the summer of you can add green vegetable debris to your compost pile, and in the fall you can add your piles of raked leaves. You can then make use of this compost as fertilizer for your back garden the next year. You'll want to plow your garden spot under so that there are no large clumps. The soil should be composed of fine particles so your seeds will grow properly. You can start getting your garden all set to go by using a spade, a hoe, and a rake.

    The spade can rotate the garden soil initially, but it will leave too many clumps. A hoe will help in eliminating the remaining clumps and will better blend the soil. Using the spade is going to be vigorous, hard work, but using a hoe and a rake will not be that vigorous. After the hoe tasks are finished, then you use the rake to make the bed fine and smooth. Once you have all this done, you are set to start planting the seeds.

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