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female - 27 years, bristol, United Kingdom
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welll wot can i say im a R.E.A.L person! i will b str8 wid u!
All d h8rs can suck out i ca i REALLY aint intrested!!
As for all these stupid girls that put pics of them self up 1/2 NECKID!...HaLf! Of u aint nuttin special!
It's real advice i aint being horrible, but i have passed tru a few girls pages and i dunno wots goin on wid all u girls in a bra and baggy have some self R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!
thats me init wot i fink, my opinion! so bwoi any real people holla i give every 1 a chance but if u aint gunna b real then there really aint no point!
im good to talk to and i like talking lol!
thanks 4 tekin time 2 read this Athena xxxxx

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