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Korea Airport

26 September 2011

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  • 25

    Ekupengaw yesterday at 19:55

    :) hahahahh apw apw kote pwan addicted....ina ina udi jok pwe cpwe Holloween nge ufen nwn pwe usapw kuna non kiroch epwe nee fen kon scary wakakkakkak..ek ina jok mwo..

  • 39

    arcyenicar yesterday at 18:08

    Osen ke tipin kuna pwe Mattar enom kei ie nge ka pwal tapweilong...lolz, wei kote fos en China Star pwe sia fokun ih addict ren eie jolu mi jolojol, hahahahahahaaa.

  • 25

    Ekupengaw yesterday at 16:13

    ek tipei jok nge China Star...wakakakkka..

  • 39

    arcyenicar 2 October 2011

    Ahahahhaa, my friendo Matarr. I'm not in a good life, your the one give me my good life, cuz when ever we out in restaurant, you always order lot foods...lolz, this so many but i don't like much chillie, you know how Korean...lolz, always chilli as usual...hahahhaa, thanks for drop comments.

  • 44

    matarrnjie 28 September 2011

    You living the good life ---lol