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    Perennial herb found near water.
    Reaches height of 10 to 15 inches.
    Oblong leaves, white blossoms.
    Seeds contain hallucinogen.
    Ancient records show it was used for religious ceremonies.
    The hallucinogenic effect was key.

    • 8 February 2012
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  • Aomi Adventures on Facebook

    Aomi Armster on Facebook:
    --------------------------------------------------- --
    1st and original Aomi Armster page:
    1st and original Aomi Armster group:
    Anything else on facebook- a user, profile, page, group that are NOT the above three
    means that the others are FAKE.
    AomiArmster is the property of Teni.S.

    • 4 November 2010
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  • Aomi in Monster Hunter Tri

    Date: 05/06/10
    The video below is Aomi goofing off in Monster Hunter Tri. Sorry for the horrible video quality and scan lines of doom and any strange butt-shots.
    Aomi here decked out in cyan/teal hair/eyes, has on the Bone Helm, Qurupeco Vambraces, and the Piscine Leggings.
    Her weapon is a long sword called Guan Dao. This is Aomi's goof-off getup/outfit. I like to mix and match the armor sets when I'm just being a doofus out in the Moga Woods and because I want the armor to have much Aomi colour
    themes as possible. When on Quests however Aomi is in full armor sets, currently the Qurupeco one. I am aiming for the Barioth one though...hopefully I can pull it off. I basically couldn't have done much without my friends. :0
    ATM: Aomi's HR is 39. I can honestly say MH3 was one of the best games I've bought for the Wii.
    My ID is: QX3VRZ ---- Username is: Aomi

    ==================================================- ===
    Currently I got my hands on the Bnahabra Armor + set, colours are all Teal of course to match Aomi 's colour theme.
    The Gestures for the game are hilarious, specially when in The Tavern. My friends and I screw around a lot, like dance about , wave, rage, rant, kick back and stomp on each other or crush each other with Kick Back, quite demented but very funny.
    MH3 Aomi photos!

    of course in teal attire
    I also got my hands on the Leather Jacket "Hell Hunter"

  • Aomi and Aomi make... Aomi?

    The god-demons in Teni's mind want another Aomi (not like the chimera aomi--that plan failed W__W)

    Normal Aomi = white skinned/black stripes-ear & tail tips/black hair and teal bangs/cyan eyes (color of inside the ears stay the same- peach/light peach)

    Invert Aomi= black skinned/white stripes-ear & tail tips/white hair and red bangs/red eyes (color of inside the ears stay the same- peach/light peach)

    Normal + Invert = ????? i must think of what..this aomi would look like, either a mix & match? combination?

    the colors to work with: white, black, grey, peach, red, cyan, purple, green, yellow, blue

    some computer screens/TVs/printers make Aomi's eyes & bangs out as either GREEN or BLUE and not blue-green/cyan-like.

    the purple comes in because of female Aomi's lips, they are purple and her eyeshadow is purple-reddish/pink inverting them
    makes them green. ALSO: because invert and normal... their orb balls i wanted them to combine to make purple or something like that
    but since cyan and red only make some brown/grey colour i had to opt for the BLUE of Aomi

    invert purple=green
    invert red=cyan
    invert yellow=blue

    red+blue= purple etc
    black+white= grey
    red+cyan= some grey/brown thing

    • 13 July 2009
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  • and they want to be demons

    So the main excuses for Aomi Armster imposters are:
    -i found it so i use it
    -i needed a "cool" nickname so i searched for it
    all in all:
    I, Teni.S. made AomiArmster
    the character, the character's different forms, the character's family, the character's name.
    so these people that use the username that are not me, or make variants, well they can't think up their own
    user names/handles in any shape or form. Seriously...WTF?
    it saddens me how my handle is being used to name spambots to attack sites. its really disgusting.
    i also noticed them on other computers when I searched for "AomiArmster".
    I get asked how I find these fake Aomi Armster s out.
    Easy, I search, i use as many search engines as I can.
    I can't take these as flattery, ever ever. I just can't
    its bloody insulting. Yes, they just use the name..but why? They have NO IDEA
    what they are naming themselves after. Why name yourself something that has NOTHING
    to do with you, something you didn't even make up.
    I can't stop them but I will point them out. I have to!
    and I'm not being crazy, I have plenty of usernames/nicknames
    I never throw a shit-fit over, why? because they are common goddamn words/names.
    Aomi Armster is not. >;[
    AomiArmster is MINE MINE MINE MINE.
    and if i make names out of a mix and match from AomiArmster
    THOSE ARE MINE TOO! (yes, this is me being silly)

    • 15 April 2009
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  • Wishes & Dreams

    Oh blasting booping booper boops! GKLHAJGAKFGKFJGSK?!!!!!!!!! Boop!
    I kept flailing around the other night, I want Aomi Armster products, things... Aomi related stuff..
    but before I could try such things or even plot it out, I feel as if i have to know Aomi Armster much more better.
    There is a general gist of Aomi but nothing in depth. Like there is no all-around information on Aomi, that who what when where why/how kinda thing. I can look around nearly everywhere, someone or something is splattered around over-everything in different ways
    for be it faith-gains or just for fun type things. I shove my foot in that door too. And before I can really really make a page/site for Aomi Armster and the five W's I need to backtrack a lot, look at information currently, what was said before and the first-time plans. lol I have papers dating back to 1994.(although not THAT DETAILED-things improved later on) Wow, my friends and I were so weird. We made our own monsters & card games and each character had his or her or it's own history etc.
    Kinda things I want:)so so weird it all is)
    1. 3D Aomi Armster, a cartoon-ish one (chibi) and a decent hi-res one (something like you'd see in soul calibur or something)

    2. lots of Aomi dollies, figures, little figures, key chain charms, posable dollies/dolls.

    3. Aomi Armster skins & themes & emotes & icons & wallpapers. I want Aomi thingies on my cellphone, systems, media players lol etc etc.
    Not so much Aomi being in the designs, more.. Aomi-esque things like the theme colors & such. Maybe the invert Aomi too. I'd love to also have Aomi Armster skins in games! Also... various Aomi-type programs like maybe a virutal pet or lol an alarmclock?

    4. Game sets! I'd love to get my hands on AomiArmster cards for like solitare/poker. Aomi chips & game pieces for like chess/checkers/dice. I'd like an expanse of Aomi Armster-themed horoscope thingies/tarot decks/runes/ lol some kind of Aomi-currency for games. D:

    5. lol! Aomi Armster merchandise, again not so much based on Aomi being on anything, more like.. theme colors again and maaaybe an Aomi icon somewhere. Merchandise like... wallets, calenders, planners, bags, cups, plates, boxes, pens, t-shirts,posters, etc etc ya know, the whole nine yards.
    things i wanna make:

    1. Lots of Aomi forms, just for kicks - not so much that Aomi actually transforms into many different things story-wise, no thats just silly!
    2. lots of Aomi.. materials! her etc.

    3. most stuff listed in the list above lol.
    I feel better now that I've mentioned/listed these things, I can sort of see where I could start and what goals to keep & what to make so the above mentioned can ever be possible. I can research & nitpick exactly what I want. I just hope I get the chance & that I don't become lazy! I also want to learn more on protection of my every shape & form.
    Aomi Armster is property of Teni.S.

  • Aomi Boops!

    I find myself wondering... what if the world gets to a point we lose the internet, all the sites and the data on them. Wow.. that would suck. As I am possesive of my materials IRL I feel compelled to be possesive of my ONLINE profiles, items, data too. How odd it is. very very odd. Yet, at the same time I feel that i'd be better off if all was lost. so the cycle continues, wanting, not wanting, wanting, not wanting. This is something I don't understand. lol.

    I sprung out FULLY onto the net around 1997, before that I hid behind my parents' screen names & accounts just to get the hang of the internet & world around me. Wow what a scary yet wonderful place.
    I was able to fully stretch my "kingdom" around 2000....and around 2004 i brought my creations! My artwork, characters, ideas, writing, hobbies. First of which were AomiArmster and youkai-hime...that it in itself is another loong story.