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  • Experience the Magic of Backwater in Kerala with Kumarakom H

    Kerala is one of the most beautiful southern states of India. The state stretches for 360 miles along the Malabar Coast on the southern side of the Indian peninsula with an area covering about 15,005 square miles forming one percent of the total area of the country. The state is well known for its rich diverse ethnic places of attraction including its colorful glorious culture and heritage. Tourism in this place offer miscellaneous options to explore the beauty and wonders of Kerala giving a wide pendulum view of past and the future. Kerala today is a leading tourist destination of every nature lover and adventure exciters across worldwide.
    The state offers one of the most peculiar awesome features of water bodies which had lead to immense of progress and development of the state. This is none other than the amazing backwaters attractions of Kerala. The backwater of this state is an amazing spread of water body form by a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea Coast well feed by 38 rivers rushing down from the Western Ghats which is again link by various canals of the country side. This chain of lake like backwater made up both by manmade and natural canals and lagoons creates an intricate network of waterways interconnecting numerous districts and towns with the cities of the state. Thus it becomes one of the main sources of development of the state.
    If you look on to the famous tourist destination of Kumarakom Backwater attractions of Kerala, you will come across the attractions of the Vembanad Lake. This popular Vembanad Lake where Kumarakom is set is the largest fresh water lakes of the state which is also a part of the backwaters.
    People often rush for Kumarakom houseboats cruise as this Vembanad Lakes gives a wonderful opportunity to experience the most amazing uninterrupted chain cruise on the backwaters of it. Vembanad Lake is the largest of the lakes covering a wide area of about 200 sq km and is bordered by Alappuzha, Kottayam and Ernakulum districts which are some of the prominent backwater destinations of the state. The port Kochi is also located at the Lake’s outlet to the Arabian Sea. Thus it gives a wonderful opportunity to explore most of the major attractions of the backwater by this astonishing lake of Vembanad. So, majority of the tourist who are looking forward for the backwater thrill often land on this particular small town of Kumarakom to enjoy the unlimited fun cruise of Kerala houseboat excitement.
    The houseboats in Kumarakom are the new generation houseboats renovated into a creative cozy hotel like houseboats. They are made and well organized in such a way so as to give the maximum delight and satisfactions to every traveler of it. These houseboats are much better than any other five star hotels with excellent world class luxury and comfort along with opportunities for adventure expedition offered in it.
    Kumarakom Packages not only offers spectacular view of the wonders of nature with backwater cruise but also gives delight and gratification that will remain imprinted for life time memory of its mesmerizing cruise like never before.
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  • Enjoy Your Holiday in Heavenly Kerala Along With Its Astound

    If you have an intention of planning your coming holiday tour to embark in India then the place like Kerala is incomparable by any other sparking most beautiful places of India. Well it is not only about the beauty of the state that outstands many of the picturesque states but it also possess some unique characters that can really draw the attention of every one who visits it.

    Where else you will find the places where you get almost all that you required in a single destinations but Kerala does provides immense scopes for such too like if you look for health facilities then there are the excellent and most effective Ayurvedic treatments. For other stress ejecting therapy you will find it more effective and stimulating with its blissful surrounding. Going ahead in to its wonders and beauty, the state had earned many nicknames from the tourist and is the most commonly visited well known site worldwide. The service renders benchmarked hospitality and the state now ranks the top most and the most successful site in the field of tourism.

    Places where you can have mesmerizing tour with unlimited frolics amusements are a listed below and which are must visit with any Kerala tour packages:

    Here are some of the main attractions where you can look for in it and they are the places in which millions have successfully received satisfaction and delight of tour from it. The places are the backwaters and its houseboat cruise, enchanting adorable hill stations, Ayurvedic and yoga facilities prevailing sites, beaches and its resorts and unique incredible wildlife sanctuary of the backwater residence are some of the eye capturing places where almost all the tourist seek for. Plan your tour to be more unique and commensurable to be the perfect tour so make sure you visit all the awe inspiring attractions here as on your Kerala Tour.

    The sterling backwaters of Kerala
    You will find much emphasis given on the backwater and its houseboat cruise when you come across the tourism in Kerala as it had become the main destination of many of the tourist visiting the state. The vigilant experts ideals have plan a special houseboat to give the site admirers to have their dream fulfill with a tour on the highly equip cozy rooms and elegant decorations. You can book the houseboat meant specially for tour purposes and explore your fondly site just with a single shoot of glance from the boat and you will be drenched by the mystic enthrall heavenly ambience of the real wonders the place of God’s own country.

    Hill stations
    The state is also lovingly called as the green paradise on earth is mainly credited to the most captivating charming hill stations that engulf the picturesque places of it. A visit can rapped your attention and take you to the unrealistic paradise never found on earth. The place is amazingly wonderful and breathtaking, the hills and the landscapes are dotted with the greeneries of the tea and spice farms and the scenery appears dramatically alluring.

    Precisely describing about the marvels of Kerala it is like a multifaceted diamond which contains a lot of preciousness inside though it is small in size it can attract the attention of millions. There are many more alluring and interesting sites but only a few are described so that you can see it and identify the unique quality of this land. Come explore and satisfy your curiosity and get as much joy and happiness from it to make your trip the most exciting and unforgettable one to be cherished in coming days with any travel packages in Kerala.

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  • Kerala Honeymoon – A sojourn that will be memorable

    Honeymoon is that period of life that everyone wants to make memorable, to cherish in the coming years. Far from the maddening crowd, you and your soul mate huddled together in intimacy, enjoying an eerie kind of seclusion, sharing love talk – that is the ideal of most of the honeymooners. This exchange of love, dreams and experiences in secluded intimacy is good for a healthy married life also. It results in the accentuation of mutual understanding which is essential for a successful married life.

    Kerala Honeymoon will not belie your expectations. It will provide for plenty of moments of intimate seclusion and exceptional experiences that will enrich your memory forever.

    You could begin Kerala Honeymoon Tours in Kochi which homes an international airport. In Kochi you can engage in sightseeing, shopping and recreation. There are many historical monuments and museums which will edify you on the history and culture of Kerala. You can unwind in the Fort Kochi Beach and Cherai Beach. Lines of Chinese fishing nets mark Fortkochi beach. Cherai Beach offers a special ambience with backwaters on one side and sea on other side. You can have Houseboat cruises in backwaters savoring the exquisite landscape interspersed with visits to nearby islands of Kochi like Bolghatty, Vypeen, Vallarpadam, Gundu Dweep etc. You can experience fishing villages first hand by these visits. Local folk engage in agriculture also. From Kochi, you can extend Kerala honeymoon trip to more favored destinations like Munnar, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Thekkady and Kovalam.

    Munnar is a salubrious hill station with mist blanketed hills nestled in Western Ghats. Situated at a height of one thousand and six hundred meters, this gorgeous paradise stands near the confluence of three rivers. This was a summer resort of British and you will feel like spending time under the blanket huddled with your sweet heart exchanging everything you have until eternity in the cool clime. Munnar honeymoon packages offer opportunities for trekking and mountain biking if you have adventurist inclinations. Magnificent views are on offer with rolling hills, undulating meadows, gorgeous colonial bungalows, manicured tea gardens, cascading waterfalls and gushing brooks. There are also many interesting sightseeing spots nearby Munnar like Eravikulam National park, Anamudi Peak, Mattupetty, Pallivasal, Chinnakanal, Anayirangal, Rajamalai, Echo Point, Top station and Tea Museum. In Eravikulam National Park you can glimpse Nilgiri Tahrs – an endangered animal which would add to your album of romantic memories.

    A trip to Kerala is treated complete only if you savor the backwaters. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the destinations ideally chose by honeymooners to savor backwaters. Backwaters make for fascinating setting. The shores are adorned by abodes and monuments, swaying coconut trees, emerald flora and lush green paddy fields, fishing nets and glimpses from daily life like ducks being herded, school children being ferried, toddy tappers climbing coconut trees etc. The backwaters are embellished by water flowers especially water lilies. Cruises through the canals, which form part of complex network called backwaters along with rivers and lakes, savoring this landscape is a heavenly affair.

    Houseboats are now the poster boys of backwater tourism. Houseboats are modeled on erstwhile Kettuvallams. Houseboats provide for bedrooms, dining rooms and decks open on all sides. From the deck you can relish the exquisiteness of backwaters. Although motorized, Houseboats are run in a meandering pace letting you savor the elegant charm fully.

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  • Let the Fabulous Memories of Maldives Trip Remain Striking F

    Maldives is one of the wonderful nature destinations of tourism world. It is a beautiful island country formed by 1190 islands where only 200 islands are inhabited where tourism remains quite active and popular in these sites. Tourists from across the globe rush to experience the incredible culture and attractions possible in this amazing island country of the world. The place is a fascinating tourist hub on the tropical region with plenty of sunshine quite appealing climate with reliable temperature of about 30 degree Celsius throughout the year. Maldives is one of the best sought after tourist destination for leisure tour escape.

    Maldives Tourism offers various atolls and splendid Islamic center such as Grand Friday mosque, grand National Museum in Male and other recreational options for every tourist traveler. Thus tourism has become the core of attention the Maldives. The place by origin is a hub of traders coming from nook and corner of different parts of the world. It gives a wonderful opportunity to discover and experience the incredible tradition and cultures of different peoples of the world. Among the atolls, the Baa atoll, Fuamulaku and Kudahuvadhoo are some prominent sites which are mostly influencing atoll of Maldives. For example, the Baa atoll is a world famous atoll globally significant harbor center which is popular for its biodiversity in its numerous reefs and demonstrates a long history of human interaction with the environment. It is an important area where tourism and fishery along with production of handicrafts and other materials root out. Thus it is one of the economic zones of this country.

    Ari Atoll
    This particular atoll is referred to as a natural atoll spread out with numerous islands with cool appealing monsoon type of climate makes it quite attractive and alluring and is one of the main zone of tourism development. It is noted to be the largest atolls situated on the western side of archipelago and the prominent tourist attraction of Maldives. Most of the popular Islands in Maldives are all located in this particular site.

    Male is the capital of the Republic of Maldives and is regarded to be the smallest capital city in the world in comparison of its size. But it is the home of over more than 80,000 inhabitants with exotic blend of ethnicity and modern values. The city is a well organized with modern high rise buildings of good infrastructure and well raise quality life. Today the city is a commercially active zone with tourism being the largest industry, followed by fishing and agriculture. Take a look around the city of magnificent forts and urban trade center with the help of Maldives tour operators and explore the wonders and marvels prevailing in this awesome city.

    It is one of the perfect spot for leisure vacation escape and weekend spending in Maldives. Tourists from across the world come to this serene blissful ambience of cool palm fringe Maldives beaches and picturesque awesome landscape spread out sites.

    One best ways to spend in Maldives is to indulge in the marine world and its excitement.

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  • Kerala Unbeatable Travel Packages for Unbeatable Weekend Tri

    Kerala is a wonderful heart stirring tourist destination of India. Its tourism welcomes you to the land of stimulating beaches, scintillating landscapes and incredible backwater and its attractions to refresh health of body and soul and relish complete holiday excitements time to time. Kerala is a well known ecotourism initiative state which circuits on all round excitement of nature amidst its diverse demography and unique culture and traditions occurring in it. The state at present earns the most tourist attention and is one of the leading tourist destinations of the world.

    Travel Packages in Kerala guides you to the most successful and enjoyable fun trip by its exclusive tour packages and other holiday packages. As the state witness numerous countless tourist attractions, one of the best way is to Customerize travel packages and enjoy maximum delight from the targeted hot spots of the state.

    With tour packages you can enjoy the incredible attractions of various culture and heritage portrayed sites such as Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Alappuzha etc. These places offer unbelievable attractions of the ancient history and culture of the state. In the place like Thiruvananthapuram which serve as the capital city offer you various historical places such as churches, monuments and palaces along with miscellaneous trading materials expose in it. Kochi is also an ancient historical port city which serves as the main business and trade center of the state. The city offers immense of facilities such as world class hotels, excellent cuisine restaurants and ancient foreign influencing traces like Chinese fishing net and many other old buildings and churches. In Alleppey which is also commonly known as Alappuzha, Nehru Trophy of snake boat race, houseboats cruise, coir industry and colorful carnivals can be eye witness in this particular site. Just take the help of Kerala tour operators and explore the awesome places of Kerala and its glorious past.

    If you are looking for some exhilarating fun Kerala tour experience where you can receive the complete relaxation and rejuvenating holiday trip, than the places you can go for the attractions such as houseboat cruise, ayurveda packages, wildlife safari which are the common excitements undertaken by most of the holiday makers in Kerala.

    Kerala tour packages offer you a unique trip event to happen in life. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the rich culture, exotic wildlife and nature along with warm hospitality and traditional beauty of the state. Such travel packages are design in order to make your trip special and worth visiting with life experience well polish time spending for life time cherishment.

    Undertake travel trips with travel packages to make your dream tour successful and mesmerizing for life time cherishment. As tour trips with packages are distinctive and unique with well organized amenities rendered freely along with packages reserved for you. It promises you a heartfelt delightful trip experience. Take up such trips and relish breathtaking awesome beauty and marvels of the state of God’s own country with utmost delight and satisfaction to heart content.

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  • Maldives - Deep Blue and Turquoise Waters

    Deep blue and turquoise waters! On that wider expanse like lash marks lie pristine white sandy beaches, embellished by lush green palm trees and illuminated by all year sunshine. Maldives comes to mind as images of sunny side of life. No wonder Maldives is a prime tourism destination for global clientele.
    Maldives tourism thrives on the exotic beach resorts, virgin and inhabited islands, opportunities for diving and water sports and hospitable people all aligned and sharpened with a single aim of customer satisfaction.

    The Maldives is an island country situated in Indian Ocean to the south west of India. It is an archipelago of one thousand one hundred and ninety two islands grouped into twenty six coral atolls. Out of these islands of Maldives only two hundred are inhabited and some eighty plus is used for developing resorts. Rests are uninhabited. The islands - both inhabited and uninhabited are put to good use by Maldives tour operators.

    Excursions to inhabited islands are by far the best way to experience the life of an ordinary Maldivian. Some of the islands air a modern look with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas. At the same time there are also tranquil fishing villages with lots of tree shade, swings and traditional wooden holhuashi. In holhuashis, islanders relax after a day’s work exchanging news, telling stories, playing cards and listening to local radio.

    Fishing is the part of mainstream life of Maldivians. Their pleasures and dejections are intertwined with the catch they have got. In Maldives you can get a chance to partake in the small happiness of Maldivians connected with fishing. You can go for a night reef fishing trip. Most of the resorts offer this. The boat leaves before sunset to find a good spot near a reef. The boat crew will tutor on how to use the lines, hooks and sinkers. Grey heads testify that one hour is enough to catch plenty. Then it is the turn to visit deserted islands to eat and celebrate. Virgin island is not difficult to find with only few hundred utilized out of more than thousand islands. While the fish gets prepared you can gradually experience and explore the untouched island. You can feel the softness of sand which is untouched by human foot for a long time. You can internalize the undisturbed sounds made by nature. You are alone under the radiance of stars without a single light on the ground. You will feel like floating among the stars. A day time trip to uninhabited island is also an unique experience. You are among the raw unspoilt vegetation surrounded by blinding beaches. Sun beam reflecting from waters makes for an eerie ambience. It is hard to imagine that you are the only person in this charming world.

    Scuba diving is a favorite activity of tourists to Maldives. Maldives holds one of the richest diving coral reef areas. The warm seas of Maldives have high visibility throughout the year. One can see fishes passing fifty meters away. Add to that is the marvelous formation of three thousand coral reefs and free flowing tides of monsoon.

    Maldives beaches with their white sandy formation are crowd pullers. There are over hundred island resorts to choose from which are designed with luxury and comfort of tourists in mind. You can have a nice time in this tropical heaven.

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  • Kumarakom Houseboats – Journey listening to the music of b

    Kerala with its various colorful and rich attractions is a prime tourism destination. It is situated in the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. This coastal territory is nestled between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea.
    The attractions of Kerala include virgin beaches, mist shrouded hill stations, supine backwaters, emerald landscape and suave art forms. Out of these, Backwaters is an exclusive Kerala occurrence. Nowhere else in world you will find such a phenomenon. Backwater is a complex labyrinth formed by canals and inlets – both manmade and natural, estuaries of over forty rivers and five lakes. Backwaters make for exquisite landscape.

    Kumarakom is a small idyllic village which is situated fourteen kilometers away from Kottayam. Kumarakom is blessed with all the beauties of a backwater village. Kumarakom Backwater. is formed by Meenachil River and Vembanad Lake. As in whole Kerala, in Kumarakom also backwaters make for exquisite setting with shores adorned by monuments, swaying coconut trees, verdant mangrove forests and lush green paddy fields, fishing nets and various activities of human life; and backwaters embellished by water flowers especially water lilies.

    Kumarakom packages provide for accommodation in various resorts in Kumarakom. They stand aloft overlooking the branches of Meenachil River and Vembanad Lake. There are various ways of cruising in backwaters savoring the landscape. But for the present time houseboats are the hot properties.

    Kumarakom houseboats are modernday luxurious versions of yesteryear “Kettuvallams”. Houseboats were used to transfer rice and other household items through backwaters. They came with thatched roofs over wooden hulls to offer protection from elements of nature. Although the shape remains largely unaltered, modern houseboats are two to three storied affairs with one to five bedrooms included. Apart from sleeping space, there is a dining space and a sit out open on all sides. From the sit out, guests can relish the backwaters. Houseboats in Kumarakom are adjoined with generators providing for air conditioning. A crew including a cook accompanies the guests. The menu is usually indigenous variety with local fish included. Although houseboats are motorized they are run at a sluggish pace letting guests savor the exquisite landscape fully.

    There is a bird sanctuary in Kumarakom which is frequented by migratory birds especially Siberian Cranes. It is spread over fourteen acres. The sanctuary has come up due to the preservation efforts of Government. You will be treated to music from this haven while on a houseboat cruise.

    Spending a night in houseboats, with them docked in backwaters is a heavenly experience. Tourists have the choice of asking to switch off electric lamps and spending time in light of lanterns alone to get a local feel. You can glimpse abodes and boats as static and mobile spots of illumination respectively, faraway. The ambience will be even more eerie if the night is moon lit. If you are fortunate you could glimpse fireflies illuminating trees, blinking eternally.

    Kumarakom Houseboats are categorized as Budget, Deluxe, Premium and five star houseboats. The basic service available in all categories is basically the same – overnight stay in houseboat, food and beverages and cruising through Kumarakom backwaters.

    Houseboats are carved out of wood of Anjili (Wild Jack). The materials that go into making of accessories are local and eco friendly. It is to be noted that no nails are used but coir is used for tying.

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  • Savor the Tempting Stupendous Resorts and Hotels of Kovalam

    Kovalam is noted for its pleasant nature appealing sense of tranquility with vibrant beach activities prevailing in it. It is a renowned unique beach destination of the world loved by most of the nature lover and holiday escapers including the honeymooners. The pristine beauty of the scintillating coconut palm fringe beaches like on the shore gives an awesome look to the place. The site is most popular for its peaceful heavenly like ambience of the striking beaches.

    Kovalam is one among the top attractive tourist fascinating sites of Kerala. It is one of the favorite ideal health entertaining spot of most of the tourist. One of the most fascinating site is its beaches comprising of three semi-circulars shaped beaches that is the Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach and Samudra Beach are the important beaches which draws the attention of millions of tourist every year. The inlet palm fringe beaches of Kovalam are one of the main attractions among the places to visit in Kovalam where thousands and millions rush for to relish mesmerizing time in it.

    Beside the beaches there are interesting and fascinating places in and around Kovalam some of which are Chowara, Vellayani Lake, Vizhinjam Village and Thiruvallom are quite alluring and

    Some of the top listed tourist attractions of Kovalam are highlighted below:

    It is a one of the popular tourist destination set on the seven hills. The town has a unique topography of wonderful small hills edged by the Western Ghats and on the other edged bounded by the Arabian Sea. This picturesque land is the capital city of the state where you will find various types of hilly resorts and hotels garlanding the heavenly like estate attracts horde of tourist visiting in Kerala. This city is often known for its busy life of social and economic activities filled with trade and commerce service. Thus the place is desired by most of the tourist traveler for accommodation as the place facilitates various types of services according to their customs and likings for homely feeling.

    It is also one of the beautiful worth places to visit in Kovalam which is often popular for its charming breathtaking Chowara Beach. It is an ideal site for sunbath and relaxation in the wide stretch of the golden sand with perfect scenery of nature. Many visit this particular site for unwinding stress and rejuvenating life. Thus it has become a top hunted holiday spot for all the people of both ages irrespective of young and old. It is a worth visiting area that you should not miss out in your tour cruise especially if you wish to experience the real miracles and touch of nature.

    There are many more sites available in Kovalam beach land of Kerala. This beach destination is noted for its mesmerizing stay in it. The delightful culinary and cuisines served in the hotels and resorts allures many backwater tourist and beach tourist of the state to experience the yummy spice seafood delicacies. Hotels in Kovalam are also famous for its ayurvedic massages and yoga practices facilitates within the inn itself. Thus Kerala is benchmarked for its hospitality and amenities found in it.

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  • Kerala Honeymoon – God ordained package for you

    With marriage you have entered into a vow of partnership. You are not the same old solitary reaper of old days when you could sow and reap at your own pleasure. You have to take care of the sensitivities and sensibilities of another mortal before taking any new decision or embarking on new project. For this partnership to work marvelously the mutual understanding of the partners have to be perfectly synchronized. Honeymoon trip is ideally designed to make this happen. You get plenty of moments of intimate seclusion when you can exchange the love, dreams and experiences for a perfect understanding to blossom.

    Honeymoon Tours Kerala is a package God ordained for your blessed new calling. You will be offered plenty of privacy and also will be gifted with exceptional experiences that you will keep afresh in your albums of memory.

    Kerala is situated in the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. This coastal territory is cradled between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. With its virgin beaches, mist covered hill stations, winding backwaters, verdant landscape and suave art forms Kerala attracts millions to its fold. The important honeymoon places in Kerala are Munnar, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Thekkady and Alleppey.

    Honeymoon Packages in Munnar will find you in good spirits and will enthrall you. While staying in this mist shrouded hill station which is blessed with a salubrious climate you will find your love for each other exponentially growing. In the cool climate the tendency to get physically closer will be more and this will eventually lead to more intimacy. Munnar is nestled in Western Ghats. It is located at a height of one thousand and six hundred meters and stands near the confluence of three mountain streams. This gorgeous paradise offers a magic touch which is refreshing, soothing and gentle. If you feel like adding an adventurist shade to your honeymoon, Munnar is apt for trekking and mountain biking. Munnar offers magnificent views of mist covered hills, green carpeted meadows, manicured tea gardens, fabulous bungalows of colonial splendor, gushing brooks and cascading waterfalls. There are many interesting sightseeing spots also nearby Munnar. Eravikulam National Park homes endangered species of Nilgiri Tahrs. A glimpse of which will add another leaf to the album of romantic memories.

    Honeymoon trip to Kerala can be considered not serving its full purpose if you miss out on savoring backwaters. Kumarakom and Alleppey are two places where honeymooners prefer to savor the backwaters. Backwaters make for exquisite setting and cruises can be had through the canals of Alleppey savoring the monuments and various other attractions like emerald vegetation and various acts of human drama. A boat cruise from Alleppey to Kottayam is said to be one of the more beautiful sights filled travels of the world.

    Kumarakom is also a small village blessed with all the bounties of a backwater village. Here also backwaters and its shores make for marvelous setting. The resorts of Kumarkom are by the backwaters letting you stay in the beauty during the sojourn. There is also a bird sanctuary in Kumarakom.

    One of the important attractions of backwater tourism now is cruises in the houseboats. Houseboats are modernday luxurious versions of yesteryear “Kettuvallams”. Houseboats come with bedrooms, dining space and a balcony open on all sides from where the exquisite charm of backwaters can be savored.

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  • Explore the Virgin Natural Attractions with Kerala Honeymoon

    Honeymoon comes after the huge pomp of marriage rituals but it may happen twice or more than that if you have good bonding your partner. Well if you are looking for an exotic or romantic gateway where you can take your beloved and spend some romantic time together then look no further than Kerala, one of the most sought after tourist destination located at south-western part of India. It is one such state of India, where one can experience the nature in its real form. In fact it is an ideal holidaying place for those who wish to spend some beautiful moments in the lap of nature while experiencing several rewards of nature. Invigorating hill stations, wildlife national parks, picturesque, calm backwaters, pristine lagoons and ranges of floras and faunas make it finest places in the planet.

    Along with its natural attractions it is equally popular for its mouth-watering cuisine, warm people, fascinating culture and excellent hotels and Ayurvedic resorts. During honeymoon in this green paradise if there is any thing which holds the attention of visitors then its alluring culture which is extremely fascinating. The year in Kerala is filled with so many carnivals and colourful festivals make their atmosphere lively and feisty.

    Well if you are visiting there for only to explore its aw-inspiring attractions then we would suggest you to visit Munnar first lovingly called Kashmir of south, truly a honeymooner’s paradise. Picturesque landscapes, lush green meadows, cascading waterfalls, colonial bungalows, national parks and vast tea gardens make it truly visitors delight. Away from hustle and bustle of life it is finest place to spend some time with family and friends. Due to its several trekking trails and pleasurable climatic conditions, it is also considered an ideal place for several trekking and adventure programs.

    Some of the best attractions that can be explored through Munnar honeymoon packages are Devikulam, Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty, Attukal and many more. While writing about Kerala’s attractions how can we forget its amazing, picturesque backwaters which made up with the perfect combination of brackish lagoons, lakes, inlets and several rivers which merge up together and forms the breathtaking locale that can be well-experienced through country’s houseboats.

    Kerala Honeymoon would not be completed unless you do not go for backwater houseboat tours which takes tourists in the stunning world of water and wonders and leave them spellbind. Kerala is bestowed with innumerable backwater destinations having their distinctive features but none can be explored with out its well-organized houseboats gives tourists all the amenities such as bath-attached rooms, lounge, deck, kitchenette, and many more.

    Among numerous backwater destinations of Kerala, Alleppey is the most visited destination during Kerala honeymoon trip world-renowned as the ‘Venice of East’ located on the picturesque Vembanad Lake’. Apart from its mesmerizing backwaters, Alleppey is also famous for national snake boat race which yearly commenced in the memory of Indian former Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru who first organized there.

    Apart from there are many other things that you can experience during Kerala Honeymoon Tours such as beach tours, wildlife safari and many more. Be here and select the tailor made holiday packages and make your honeymoon an unending, everlasting experience.

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