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female - 61 years, South Africa
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12 September 2011

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    anderson_mark498 22 August 2013

    Hi, You seem like a pretty cool person. I could get that much from your profile,just enough to get me interested.And i felt that i would give you a shot.I am Mark Anderson, fr om USA, presently working in Kabul Afghanistan,let me know if you would be interested in someone like me. You never know, we might be a good match for each other. Hope to hear back from you. just get back to me with this private email ID ( ) i will tell you more about me :) :)

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    Eros_Oblique 13 September 2011

    you are very classy.... :) :)

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    emmerentiabaard 13 September 2011

    hoe de hel het jy so maar geword Annette !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shoe jy lyk soooo goed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!