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Blog / Buying a New Home Or Renovating that old One

Sunday, 12 August 2012 at 04:15

Over the years, alterations in lifestyle and that caused by the growing family will in the end pose problems that can either be resolved by renovating or purchasing a new house. One great thing about these options is the fact that, either way, you can be able to get the best deal if you do your research right. With the New York housing crunch and also the down economic condition, both the real estate market and contractors feel the pinch and the tougher competition will help you get bargains for better quality.

Try not to get too excited and rush the decision because there is an excessive amount of at stake. You will find considerations that you should carefully deliberate on to land using the option that will benefit the family and your bank account. This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of renovating your old home versus buying a brand new one with information ideal whether you are in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island or New york.

Costs versus Profits

If you decide to buy a home, you would have to sell the home you and the household is currently in. For many homeowners, the largest chunk where they'd have to get the cash to buy a brand new home is in the resale of the homes. With the housing costs still down, chances that you will get a good return around the seller's market is not as likely. To obtain an idea if your profit would be enough to pay for leaving and purchasing, have your house value assessed first. The best choice to getting more is moving to a neighborhood with lower property area or value, but then you would have to get by with what the region offers.

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However, should you stay and renovate, you will not only be increasing the family's quality of living however the home value too bringing up notches from the time you purchased it.


If you and also the family would have to bear with inconveniences whether you decide to purchase a new house or renovate your current one, the problem that one goes through are in different levels. With renovation, you and the contractor could make arrangements so as not to disrupt the daily routine from the household too much. Buying however means needing to start once again as well as being homeless for sometime. Settling into the house and making things appealing and comfy can take weeks to months.

When to Move or Stay

Before owning the home that you and your loved ones are living, you have gone through all the hassles of finding one which offers the thing you need and is in a viable location. Why throw everything away and undergo all the difficulties again?

When the problem is something that a renovation cannot response to like the size and look from the lot, schools, location and neighborhood then go ahead and purchase a brand new home and move. However, if the problem is mainly the home the inability to accommodate the growing wants and needs from the family then renovate. Keep in mind that you're renovating not just to purchase the home but in the caliber of life too.



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