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Im a 14 year old girl. What all is there to know. Well I go to ICMS and I love all my friends. I love shopping and hanging out with mt friends. I LOVE going to the movies and hanging out at the mall. Evan just walking around is fine with me as long as Im out of my house and doing something LOL. Well anyway I go to Life Church and it is amazingly fun! i love all my friends there to but now that theyve moved the highschool to Wensday night and the Middleschool to Sunday i cant see some of my friends cause a lot of my friends from church are well Highschoolers not to mention that their boys. Which brings me to the next thing: BOYS! Well lets see I have tons of guy friends. my guy friends seem to out number my Girls! Which is really odd but anyway. My curent boyfriend says that its because Im so hott. And that brings me to my next thing is that you know what I like being called BEAUTIFUL! NOT HOTT OR SEXY!!! I mean yeah hott or sexy is nice but its just not me I like beautiful or …

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Kiersten Clements
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Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)
United States
actress (Student)
acting, talking to my friends, hanging out with my friends, going to the movies, and BOYS
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In love
I fancy

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