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Friday, 14 December 2012 at 11:45

If you're running a small business then I'm sure that you're always trying to find ways to acquire new consumers and also sell much more to the customers that you already have.

Up until recently this could mean methods such as the Yellow pages, TV, newspapers, pamphlets and so on.

But over the past decade or so the growth of the web has opened up a whole lot of different advertising options, like Facebook.

Facebook actually gives you more than one technique to advertise your company which makes it an extremely formidable platform, especially when you look at the total number of members Facebook currently boasts.

So how does one start.

Well there are two main marketing to take advantage of - free and paid.

Just like the advertising program run by Google's Adwords, Facebook operates an effective advertising network which will allow businesses to run ads inside of the Facebook website that take visitors to your own website.

Exactly where this differs from Adwords is in the targeting tools. Since Facebook collects so much information about its users, it can then offer any advertisers some very powerful targeting resources so you're able to truly advertise to a portion of the user base whom you think best represents your prospective clients.

You'd start by narrowing the targeting to your own location prior to working out who you prefer to market to by age, sex and even hobbies.

If you'd like to try the free approach to promoting with Facebook, your starting point is to set up a facebook page for your small business.

This lets you develop your own small community within Facebook that can be used to keep clients and prospective customers up-to-date with regards to anything that's happening in your business.

This tends to be less concerned with making sales and more to do with developing relationships and customer loyalty.

If you want to get the most from Facebook you should combine the free and paid approaches.

So you should not only build a Facebook page for the business, and experiment with a few advertisements guiding individuals to your business's website, you may want to test using adverts to connect people to your Facebook page itself.

This strategy generally contributes to cheaper ad expenses helping you build your fans noticeably faster.

If you haven't already gotten started with Facebook, there's really no better point in time than now.

Begin by putting together a fan page for the small business. If you really want to help your fan page shine you might pay someone for a comparatively small price to customise the page.

When this is set up commence trying out a number of Facebook ads to see if you're able to see some income out of it. This might take some testing and tweaking but as you get more knowledgeable your expenses will fall drop and you should be getting some really targeted visitors fairly cheaply.



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