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chained and locked inside of me,waiting for the loss of time to unfold her mystery,before the tomb of my crime...the nights can be so blackned,when i`m hanging upon doubt.and these smiles can be so saddened when they only painted out.in my darknest hours i smiled to her and my eyes clasped a reverie, i cast away my wistful yore and all memories of pain i bove.still she dwells within her past , trying to deny it`s real that,her love could never last.
am i the cure for her to heal ?
but it`s me (her)
and just me (her)
so smiled
here among the dead

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safwan dandashi
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Doha (Ad Dawhah)
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marketing and sales (Manager)
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playing guitar and listen to the rock music
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bastard if u hurt mee!

even not reach enought;no place 4 feelings and stupid stuff;less i love u just more i hate yaw u blind bastard when did u sell ur heart :)

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