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I am not looking for a relationship or fun on here. I joined this site 3 or 4 years ago upon someone inviting me to join this site. I joined to see what its about and maybe make friends. But ever since i joined this site 4 years ago i have gotten hundreds of friend requests that say, "o i saw your profile and its the most interesting and beautiful profile, I loved your proifle cuz its so unique and different etc etc" And this whole time all i have had on my profile on here are my pics and had no other personal info about me on here except for pics. so all these guys that were trying to flatter me yet at the same time trying to sound sincere were never accepted. I do not appreciate flattery and lies. I am in a relationship so dont waste yours or my time contacting me if thats what u have in mind.

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mariam akbar
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Dining out, Movies, Reading the bible and other Christian books, Camping, Board Games, Music, Trips to Tahoe,
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- drewhillboy:

if you want to talk message me here or yahoo, not on my guestbook

posted by akbarmariam
15 June 2013

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