Blog / An Innovative Stadium For The Vikings Might Be Possible

Friday, 15 July 2011 at 13:50

Last December after a 20 in snowstorm ravaged the state, many fans of the team and the holders of the <a href="">Vikings tickets</a> remember how the roof of the metrodome collapsed. The 30 year old stadium is not at the best condition it can possibly be. When compared to the other stadiums of the sport, it lags behind. Just this week, the roof of the metrodome was inflated in preparation of the 2011 season this coming August.<br /><br />There are rumors that the team would not sign up for another year if there are no improvements done at the stadium. the team is playing their lasts season since the lease on the stadium expires after this 2011 stadium. The stadium lacks facilities like the suites and club seats that many <a href=" ticket</a> connoisseurs are looking for. Such facilities like the suites and club seats can boost the revenue the team and the stadium is getting.<br /><br />The Minnesota Vikings is one of the most financially viable team in the NFL. However, if they can manage to squeeze in a new and modernized stadium, they can become more stable and reach the top of the pack. The team would be playing against the Dallas cowboys in their first game and the stadium is being prepared for it.The team is excited to be able to play home again and in from of their beloved Vikings tickets patrons. The energy that these fans provide the team helps them cope with the condition of their stadium. On a hind note, the Dallas cowboys is second on the list released by forbes pf the top 40 most valuable sports team because of their state of the art stadium.<br /><br />A new stadium looks dim for the Vikings with all the budget problems the state has been experiencing in the past. A new stadium is being proposed to be built at Arden Hills for the team before. However, it does not seem possible anymore. The team would have to contend with the metrodome for a while as the issue is being settled. However, new deals are being worked on to find a new home for the team.<br /><br />Despite the problems with the stadium the team is promising to play their best on the field. They will do all that they can to provide their fans the great games that they deserve. They might not have the best stadium in the NFL but they will make sure that their fans have the best experience by providing the best games that they will see.



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